What happens when bakers can’t afford to live in San Francisco? How is a worker-owned cooperative managed? Is food a luxury?

The idealists and hardworking bakers at the Mission-based Arizmendi Bakery discuss their views on these questions, along with their joys and concerns, in this original Mission Local video.

Claire Weissbluth

Claire is a filmmaker who grew up deep in the woods of Northern California. She's passionate about visual storytelling and taco trucks, taking pictures of street art, and watching movies at the Roxie.

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      1. Workers, Sam/John, workers. (Funny how bypassing bosses and corporate exploitation makes you so nervous.)

        1. We all work. It’s just that some are more successful at it than others.

          Personally I could not go through life classifying people into “us” and “them” and then spreading hate about “them”. Very unhealthy, it sounds.

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