Pal’s Take Away Returns Home

Photo by Marta Franco.

After a year operating during lunchtime at La Movida on 24th Street near Folsom, Pal’s Take Away is returning to its original location in Tony’s Market.

The other day –I will not say where– I was with a crowd of lovely foodies who turned their heads like the exorcist when I mentioned I hadn’t tried Ike’s Sandwiches in the Castro. But imagine my look of shock when they said they hadn’t tried Pal’s Take Away, a beloved Mission institution.

Many times I’ve had Pal’s for lunch. It was a nice ride on my bike to Tony’s Market and the daily cast of rotating sandwich varieties was amazing. I often enjoyed the mix of crispy papadam, cucumber and yogurt curry chicken salad all between two pieces of bread. I would then move on to get some chips and a beverage of some sort from the market. When the sandwich shop moved to 24th and Folsom, I walked over there to try it out with my friend. The sandwiches were still great, but it was too busy. So, when I heard they were moving back to the quieter place, I nodded in approval.

For Jeff Mason, La Movida was on a block where it was easier to observe the neighborhood complexities –the vibe, the people, the noise; but it was a bit too far for his customers coming from San Francisco General Hospital. “There’s nothing wrong with La Movida; I’m just a neighborhood kinda guy and Kasa is an upstanding guy,” Mason said.

Kasa Meherle, owner of Tony’s Market, gladly shared his store with Mason for years, but due to renovations Mason had to move it out last summer. This time, to get ready for the move and comply with health regulations, Mason and Meherle removed the wooden shelves and repainted the spot in the market where Mason will return on August 11.

“We will be setting up tables outside the market too, to make it more appealing,” Mason said.

More details on the move here from Inside Scoop, and here from EaterSF.

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