Be Upright and Alert, or Get Out

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It’s not just disruptive, it’s a misunderstanding that people walking to BART to get to work just don’t get.

The BART plazas have a wide open space and make people feel a certain way, so they need to sit down. Then lie down. And then, take a nap –a not-so-short nap that somewhere along the way became a legs spread, head-tilted-in-deep-sleep kinda nap.

The issue is that this also happens within the BART corridors and in case of an emergency, these people would be probably not too startled to get up and evacuate.

One of the places of these common sightings is Powell Street BART Station, where as of Monday, officers have been following a three-step policy:

Officers will first issue a spoken warning, and ask the person to stand or sit up with legs crossed or beneath them. A second contact will involve checking identification and issuing a citation without a fine. A third contact will result in a summons for a court appearance, and the person would be subject to arrest, fine or jail. Via SFGate

No, this campaign is not targeting the homeless people:

Jennings said the campaign is not intended to target the homeless, though BART police are aware that’s how it may be construed.

“Everyone’s going to spin it as an attack on the homeless,” he said. “It isn’t. It’s about getting everyone out in an emergency.” Via SFGate

Yes, they have reached Bevan Dufty, the mayor’s point-person on homelessness:

“BART represented that safety concerns motivated their actions,” he said. “We are going to provide assistance from (the San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team) when an individual expresses interest, though our resources are constrained.” Read the whole story.

It will probably be enforced elsewhere. If it happens at either of the two BART stations in the Mission, we will let you know.

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  1. Sam

    Please can someone describe to me a scenario in which a productive, constructive, value-added person with a life would lie prostrate on the piss-stained floor of a BART station?

    I’ll wait. And wait. And wait.

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