Art Drag Group Tells Us: “Stop Being Poor”

In the dressing room at Esta Noche: (left to right) Vain Hein, Tyler Holmes, San Cha of performance art group Daddies Plastik; and Persia at a fundraiser at Esta Noche in 2013. Photo by Daniel Hirsch.

The delightfully subversive drag performance group that brought us the ever-so catchy, 2013 anti-gentrification, tech-hating dance track “Google, Google, Apps, Apps” (slightly NSFW, and not for the easily offended), is back!

Persia and Daddies Plastik, which premiered their first efforts at a fundraiser for erstwhile Esta Noche in 2013, released a new video yesterday of their provocatively titled track, “Stop Being Poor.”

The video features the crew riding a Yacht through the Bay and looking pretty chic. For a catchy hook, they’ve got a pulsating sample of Fox New business commentator Todd Wilemon’s infamous advice to low-income communities to “stop being poor.” Does it make an insightful, nuanced argument about America’s growing income inequality? Is it in the best taste? Does it have a beat that will make you want to shake it all the way through Tuesday morning?

No. Probably not. Most definitely.

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