VIDEO: Love, Light and Healing on 24th St.

Mystical Collections, a New Age/Metaphysics store located at 3196 24th Street, opened in the fall of 2010 as a small kiosk inside the El Mercadito of the Plaza Adelante building on Mission Street.

With the help of the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA), owner Patricia Torres was able to establish her own business at the 24th St. location two years ago. In addition to offering products that include books, crystals, stones and jewelry, Torres—originally from Mexico—provides spiritual counseling, aromatherapy, healing stone massage, reiki energy sessions and group meditation.

“I hope it will help the community in many ways,” Torres says of her shop. “Finding what they really want inside and helping each other, and letting them know that we are all connected.”

The mantra that Torres recites in the video translates to: “May all beings from the whole universe be happy. May my words, my actions and my thoughts contribute somehow with the happiness of the world.”

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  1. 24-24

    sounds like a steaming heap of mumbo jumbo.. I wonder how many ignorant impoverished people waste their money on this. Might as well be a fortune teller.

    • Sounds like you need some positive energy, little one. ^
      Don’t be afraid of things you don’t understand.
      The negative comment like yours shows spiritual people like us that you need a good healing session.
      You should go to that store and get one.

      • 24-24

        this place preys on people who don’t understand the placebo effect, There is nothing positive or healing about that…. Except for maybe to the owners bottom line. Crystals and Stones! ha! Like superman and kryptonite..

      • 24-24

        by the way, She seems like a nice woman, the meditation I fully believe in. the healing massage is great too. Sorry i was so negative sounding. I didn’t mean to be so rude.. I apologize..

  2. Old Mission Neighbor


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