Marshall Elementary Needs a Playground and You Can Help

The folks at Marshall Elementary School in the Mission have an Indiegogo campaign to raise some $16,000 for a playground. Come on, let’s show some Mission spirit and close this out quickly.

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  1. Akeem

    I think this is a great campaign and will probably donate, but the title and stub for this article are very misleading since they aren’t actually looking for new playground.

    Marshall Elementary already has a playground, but they only have enough funding for a PE teacher once every two weeks. They’re trying to raise money for a program that sends a full time coach to the playground every day to help supervise and organize sports and games for the children.

    It seems like an excellent cause, and I’m glad Mission Local has brought it to light. However, it’s disappointing that the website would present factually incorrect information that could easily be resolved by reading through the campaign or watching the video.

  2. Thanks for putting this up Lydia!

    And yes, Akeem, thanks for noticing! The campaign is to get our school a coach full time. Thanks for supporting us in this effort. The only way it will happen is with community support, and our kids sure deserve the more and better play!

    I really encourage folks to watch our little film to get a feel for the school and how really great it is.

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