Justice for Alex Nieto

A young filmmaker, Juan Ruiz, shot footage of the march for Alex Nieto and then asked if he could use the recording of a poem that we had on the site by Alejandro Murguía, San Francisco’s Poet Laureate.

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  1. John

    All very noble but I have still not seen a single iota, shred or morsel of evidence that suggests that this was anything other than a valid SFPD shoot.

    No documents, no video, no eye witnesses, no forensics, nothing.

    We get that it’s sad. We don’t get that it’s an issue for “justice”.

    • Some Guy

      Here’s what I consider to be morsels of evidence:
      * He was alone, and there’s no evidence he had comitted any crime.
      * He wasn’t carrying a gun (so how could he present a mortal threat to 4 armed cops?)
      * He was shot 10 times.
      * The audio from a nearby security camera recorded a long delay between the first few shots and then many more. So presumably he was alive after the first round of shots, and probably wounded, in which case what possible way could he have still threatened the lives of these officers?
      * He’s brown. SFPD has murdered enough brown people for no good reason that the burden of proof is on them.

      The reason we only have these morsels is that SFPD is stonewalling, refusing to release the evidence they have, and refusing to cooperate with the community.

      John’s right that this could be a justifiable shooting, and I think we all have to remember that, and push for justice, not hatred.

      But the SFPD needs to make a strong case, and so far they’ve been silent. So the community is going to be loud until they talk.

    • Russo

      Exactly. Where’s the proof that SFPD was justified in killing this man?

      • John

        Every eye witness states that Nieto pointed what appeared to be a firearm at police.

        How many eye witnesses are there who say something different?

        • economist

          How many times does someone have to point out to you that the only living eyewitnesses were the cops that did the shooting?

          I’m pretty sure you know how to read. So are you stupid, a pathological liar or just so enamored with authority that you have lost all your critical thinking ability?

          I would aver that no matter how many fancy words you use, most people see through your simplistic smokescreens and won’t miss you when you are gone.

  2. Mel

    This is really well done. Thanks for posting. Can you find out what the music is in the background? I couldn’t find a reference to it on the vimeo link for the video or in the original article about Alejandro Murguia. Thanks.

    • Juan

      Mel, I’m glad you enjoyed the video! The music is something I created using Garageband loops, and the drum line is from the actual band while the protest was happening. So I just combined both together to try to make the music fit the content.

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