Johny William Alonzo-Castillo (1988-2014)

Illustration by Molly Oleson.
Johny William Alonzo-Castillo (1988-2014)

Johny William Alonzo-Castillo (1988-2014)

The memorial for Johny William Alonzo-Castillo, a restaurant worker who died earlier this month from injuries sustained in a hit and run auto accident, will take place on Tuesday, May 13 from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Driscoll’s Mortuary, 1465 Valencia Street near 26th Street.

Alonzo-Castillo, who friends called “William” was a resident of Daly City and worked as a food preparer and busboy at the Chachacha restaurants on Haight Street and in San Mateo.  He was a good friend to the Hondurans and Salvadorans on the staff at Chachacha on Mission Street. One of them  said he was studying English at City College and loved soccer.

The eldest of five children, Alonzo-Castillo was born in San Francisco de Coray, Valle, Honduras, on Aug. 20, 1988 to Santo Alonzo, an agricultural worker, and Dilcia Castillo.  San Francisco de Coray is located in the department of Valle on the Guasirope River in the Pacific Lowlands of Honduras, close to the border of El Salvador.

He arrived in San Francisco from Honduras in March of 2007.

According to Norlin Meza, a cook at Chachacha on Mission Street who has known Alonzo-Castillo since childhood,  he was “super amable,” a hard worker and the pride of his family.  After the memorial service,  Alonzo-Castillo’s body will be shipped to his Honduran hometown for burial.

Initially a felony hit-and-run case, Jamie Linares, the 25-year-old driver involved in the May 3 accident turned himself into police a few days later. Linares was allegedly driving the car that hit Alonzo-Castillo’s car broadside at 2 a.m. as it crossed Cesar Chavez on Folsom Street.

To honor William and his family, here is a link to a lively folkloric band playing in San Francisco de Coray.

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  1. Mister Big

    I think you mean “amiable” not “amable”.

    • Lydia Chavez Staff

      From Michael Nolan:
      Dear Mr. Big – I interviewed Norlin Meza in his native tongue and “amable” is how you say amiable in Spanish. ~ Michael

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