Good Morning Mission!

Photo by Claire Weissbluth

It’s 7:30 a.m, 53° and headed to a warmer than yesterday 68°.  The San Francisco summer is back – we have a cool week of mid-60ish weather coming up. Details for the next ten days are here.

Mac and Cheese and burrito = one big line, reports SFist.  That was the case anyway at Papalote’s on Saturday. Carbs just never go out of style.

We Built This City contemplates beauty and the possibility of actually liking the owner of this car on Valencia. 

And SF Gate reports that the biding wars are on.

Kelly, who runs a doggy day-care business, and her partner “came in strong” with an offer of $810,000, 35 percent over the asking price of $599,000.

The good news was that they beat out 46 other offers. The bad news was that someone else offered more than 50 percent over asking. The sale closed April 11. “I thought for sure we had it but someone went bananas and offered $910,000 for a house in the Ingleside,” Kelly said.  READ MORE

Enjoy the day and see you out at the parade!

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  1. John

    If a home gets 48 offers, like this one, then it was clearly deliberately offered up cheap to generate interest. In fact, the realtor admits that in the article.

    So the percentage over asking that it went for makes a good headline, but is highly misleading. A better way to put it is that a single family home in SF sold for about the average home price in SF. But of course that doesn’t sell newspapers.

    That E-Type is beautiful. It still looks stunning after fifty years.

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