The French Are Landing at 21st and Alabama!

I walked by the old Rock Nation Cafe at 21st and Alabama and ran into Maha LaForge, who together with her husband Vincent, a former pilot, will be opening Bistro L’Aviateur (The Aviator). They are still working on the space — the opening will be late this month or early next month — but it is looking good. Laforge, who lives in Noe Valley, will run the kitchen and one of her sons will focus on pastry, she said.

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  1. pete

    Can’t wait for this to open. Hopefully it’ll be a great addition to the hood.

  2. Jess

    21st & 20th streets are becoming this safe haven for the wealthy.

    • mission resident

      Not sure what you mean by that, but any place becoming safer is an improvement. Would you rather the area be unsafe? Or are you rich and happy you have a safe place to go?

    • pete

      I guess you prefer vacant storefronts? Or were you a huge fan of Rock Nation? If so, you should have spent more money there. I liked those guys and went there all the time. They just couldn’t get enough business coming their way.

    • poor.ass.millionaire

      Well Jess, you can always hang out at 16th/mission…the plaza calling your name…

  3. 22nd and Alabama

    Welcome to the neighborhood. I miss Rock Nation, but happy to have some new places around.

  4. godzuki

    Sad to hear Rock Nation is gone. I liked those guys. A “Heavy Metal themed cafe” is truly unique. They told me they were trying to expand and serve more food and were having problems with the city permits.

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