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The folks from Dolores Park Works sent the following updates in their newsletter:

Dear Friends,
Since half of Dolores is down for renovations, Rec and Park is concerned about some of the bigger events scheduled for Dolores this year. We have already heard from folks at SF Symphony that they will move to the Civic Center. This Saturday’s May 3, Cinco de Mayo celebration will be on Valencia Street at 24th. The Pride Weekend Dyke March is still in talks with the City and we have not heard from Film Night in the Park about the Dolores Movies.
Connie Chang, Rec and Park Deputy Director of Public Affairs told us that they are evaluating the permits for these large ongoing Dolores events on a case by case basis and will announce changes as they have them. We will then post that info on our homepage.

A smaller Dolores has meant a more crowded Dolores. We, along with the Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association and Scott Wiener, District 8 Supervisor have been working with Rec and Park to try to keep the Dolores experience as safe, clean and fun as possible. After the Saint Patricks weekend opening, we requested Rec and Park double the number of portable toilets. And we spoke with SFPD and Park Patrol and they are now coordinating their weekend patrol efforts. For more on our park advocacy read An Open Letter to Rec and Park. Dolores Park Works has been invited to meet with Rec and Park General Manager Phil Ginsburg to discusses our ideas.

It’s a Party, Save the Date
An Open Letter to Rec and Park

It’s a Party, Save the Date
Posted Apr 29, 2014 02:29 pm by Robert Brust
Dolores Park Works Summer Celebration, a fundraising party to support the stewards of Dolores Park will take place on Saturday, June 21 from 3 to 6pm at 18 Reasons, 3674 18th Street. Money raised will help our Dolores volunteer clean ups, the “Respect the Park” campaign and advocacy for a Safe, Clean and Fun Dolores Park.

Special guests Supervisor Scott Wiener and Rec and Park General Manager Phil Ginsburg. Wine, beer and bites generously donated by Bi-Rite, Delfina, Namu Gaji, and Cervecería de MateVeza.

18 Reasons

$35 Friend of Dolores and $100 VIP tickets are on sale now. We hope you can make it!

Or contact us to
VOLUNTEER We need help with ticket sales and day of the event door and raffle sales, bartenders, servers and cleanup.

An Open Letter to Rec and Park
Posted Apr 24, 2014 11:35 am by Robert Brust
Dear Sir,
We need your help and leadership concerning a worsening set of problems in Mission Dolores Park.
After hours vandalism, increased homeless camping, public intocication, underage drinking, out of control trash and occasional violence continue to plague the park. Now that the good weather is here, these issues have reached a critical point. Every hot weekend we host an impromptu festival at Dolores Park. The park is known region-wide as the place to party, where there are no rules, and no repercussions for bad behavior.
The neighborhood has been tolerant, welcoming and patient. But we are convinced that there’s an opportunity to begin to address these problems now, during the park renovation, so as to avoid more of the same after the park is finished.

If we are to make the park truly welcoming to all, we need to curb some of the sunny weekend excesses that are both damaging the park and the surrounding neighborhood.

Dolores Park Works, Supervisor Scott Wiener and other concerned stakeholders are actively working to find constructive and innovative solutions. Here are three for your consideration:

Trash pile in front of the new playground, 6:30 pm March 16, 2014

– Extended Rec and Park presence in Mission Dolores Park on weekends during peak hours. Beginning in the afternoon (noon to 4pm) the crowd arrives and Rec and Park pulls out. Daniel Perea, Captain SFPD Mission Station, has increased uniformed police foot patrols in the park, especially after 3pm and into the evening. Marcus Santiago, of the Park Patrol, is looking into increasing patrols from his officers. Both departments are working to coordinate their efforts. We’d like you to support these efforts and to find the resources for Rec and Park to participate in this collaborative effort. Rec and Park must take a leadership role and help monitor Dolores.
– Trash Plan The sheer tonnage of trash, and the fact that much of it is left overnight, is causing a serious public health hazard. There is a major rodent problem spilling over into the neighborhood. And dangerous debris — such as needles, bottle caps, cigarette butts, broken glass, BBQ charcoal, etc.– is also a hazard to the kids, dogs and the fitness groups who visit the park every morning. One of the most innovative, cheap and effective remedies to the Dolores trash problem has been the weekend trash monitor. A non-profit employee, funded by Recology, the trash monitor is responsible for organizing and bagging trash left at the many trash cans along Dolores and 20th streets. Along with the late afternoon pickup from Recology, this program has done wonders. Adding two more trash monitors to cover the inside of the park from noon to 8pm on the weekends may be all that’s needed now to return order to this chaotic scene.

Recycling and bottle sorting on the lawn by playground March 16, 2014

– After hours Security As you know, vandalism of the new Helen Diller Playground and throughout the park is a serious concern. We would like to help fund and install security cameras around the children’s playground. We are also interested in discussing more lighting around the children’s playground and adding a time-locked gate. Maybe now is also the time to take a good look at the proposed lighting plan for all of Dolores Park as well. The preservation of Dolores Park is a key part of our mission and we are urging that action be taken now to redues park vandalesm.

A deep cut from an ax or a machete totaled a Dolores palm in 2012.

Maintaining clear communication, aligned goals and resource commitments are vey important to us as I’m sure, they are to you. Time is of the essence. Best results from this letter would give us a written management plan that articulates both the issues and solutions for the Dolores Park warm season 2014 -no later June 1st. We could then share this plan with ever expanding Dolores Park patrons.

Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these issues.

-Dolores Park Works

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