New Low and Moderate Income Housing on Bayshore

SF Gate writes that Mayor Lee will announce nearly 1700 new low and middle income housing at the old Schlage Lock factory on Bayshore Boulevard.

“At long last the 20-acre Schlage Lock site, one of the largest available housing development sites in our city, will be reborn and transformed from an old rail yard and factory into a new mixed-use community in Visitacion Valley,” the mayor said in a statement.

The project is expected to generate about 2,800 construction jobs over the next 10 years and provide housing for 3,800 residents. The development agreement with United Paragon Corporation, the property’s owner, spells out the details of the project, including almost $12 million in city subsidies, some required zoning changes, height limits and design controls for the site. READ THE FULL STORY

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  1. John

    It’s good to see affordable homes being built and a developer making a decent haircut.

    Amazing what can happen when people decide to collaborate rather than engage in ideological squabbles.

    Ed Lee gets things done.

    • Russo

      Finish the sentence, JJ:

      “Ed Lee gets things done” for the rich.

      • John

        I’d say that Ed Lee is getting things done for low and moderate income folks, according to the article that ML cites.

        And his popularity rating has consistently been between 50% and 75%. That’s a lot of “rich” people.

  2. two beers

    Someone ought to explain how the 85% of units not slated for “low-income” residents are supposed to be “market rate” and “accessible to middle incomes” at the same time.

    For SF in this century, market rate is exclusively high income.

    This doesn’t smell right.

    • John

      That location is sub-prime and the market rents there are not necessarily unaffordable to those making the median family income in SF, which is approaching 100K a year.

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