On Wednesday doctors and dentists from the Seventh-Day Adventist Church treated patients for free at the Armory. The volunteers will continue to offer free treatment today. We talked to some of the patients who dropped in on Wednesday at the dental clinic.

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    1. it’s good to see churches, charities and volunteers stepping up. As a nation we’ve always been generous like that, which is related to us not wanting an over-weaning, over-taxing government controlling every aspect of healthcare, as in Europe.

      But I’m still confused because I thought that, under ObamaCare, it was now illegal not to have health insurance.

      Are these people uninsured and therefore breaking the law? Or do they have insurance but seek out free care to avoid the co-pay?

  1. Thanks for the excellent video report and a bigger thank you to the people who volunteer their skills and time to provide these services and to the recipients who share their stories without shame.

    The broader picture of how we fail to provide for each other in our present society is clear from this video and a walk down almost any street or lane in our neighborhood, especially after dark. The plight and the number of the poorest among us increases daily. Only ethically blind or indoctrinated people cannot see that fact and put all the blame on the dispossessed.

    More of this type of grassroots reporting, please.

    1. Landline — I agree with you that we need to shine more light on these types of positive activities. The truth is, these stories aren’t revenue generators. Notice the amount of comments here?

      We’ve built a “reporting” industry that is build on link-baiting and lively commenting.

      Glad you comment on the positive articles. Too bad there’s nothing to argue about here! 😉