Beware the Airbnb Way to Make Money

Screen shot from AIrbnb

As of now, renting out your place – even your home – for less than 30 days is illegal and an increasing number of tenants are getting evicted because they have violated this San Francisco glitch, writes the Chronicle. 

As (Jeffrey) Katz discovered, San Francisco’s ban on short-term rentals is turning out to have teeth. People who rent out space on Airbnb, VRBO and other markets for temporary housing are facing fines by the City Planning Departmentand eviction on the grounds of illegally operating hotels.

“Using an apartment for short-term rentals is a crime in San Francisco,” said Edward Singer, an attorney with Zacks & Freedman who filed the notice against Katz. “It’s obviously not the same moral culpability as running a house of prostitution or manufacturing methamphetamines, but any illegal use is grounds for eviction. READ MORE.

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