The NYT Gets Linea Caffe Right

Ah, how my husband loves to rail against the NYT, but he would have a hard time arguing about its summation of Linea Caffe at 18th and San Carlos.

The premise of Linea Caffe, which opened last September, sounds as if it came straight out of a late-night brainstorming session without a next-morning reality check. A coffee bar (Linea Caffe) shares a tiny storefront with a waffle counter (Lt. Waffle), which also functions as a salad bar. Click on the salad bar’s website, and you’ll find a statement of purpose that reads like a manifesto: avocado is “the zeitgeist,” and “kale is not a passing fad.”

Espresso, waffles, loud-and-proud salads: Only in San Francisco are these three at home on the same menu. READ MORE.

We meet there regularly for lunch and it has a great sense of neighborhood — young and old eating at its outside tables and all made comfortable. Plus, Anthony Myint, who is responsible for the salads, lets us all feel virtuous by donating $1 of each salad to 350.0rg. The coffee is by Andrew Barnett, who is often around to talk about the place and what they are trying to do.

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