Good Morning Mission!

On Alabama Street.

It’s 6:30 a.m., 49° and headed to 62°. It will get warmer as the week goes on. Details for the next 10 days are here.

Mission twins. At first I thought this was about the famous San Francisco twins, Marian and Vivian Brown, who I would sometimes see walking in downtown San Francisco, but it turns out the Mission has its own twins and while you might not be able to recognize Melissa and Elizabeth Castaneda as twins during the day, they work as twins on stage at the Supperclub on Harrison Street in SOMA at night, according to SF Gate. 

Day of Action for Tenants. Still reeling from the news that Google will be leasing space in the industrial eastern part of the Mission? Well, right yourself. Rents are likely to only increase and if you are a tenant, there will be a day of action today in Sacramento. 

Day to Protest the violence in Venezuela. At noon today, protesters will gather at 24th and Mission streets to protest the violence in Venezuela, writes the SF Appeal.

Several protesters have died in clashes in that country in the past week, and the group organizing today’s rally claims the deaths were caused by U.S.-backed opposition groups that are working to undermine the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

“The right wing in Venezuela has exhausted all opportunities to win an election … Now the tactic is to destabilize the government,” ANSWER Coalition organizer Frank Lara said. READ MORE.

Will Brown on 24th Street.

Will Brown on 24th Street.

The answer to Monday’s question on what Mission art Gallery was named for an intern: Will Brown. 

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  1. Frank

    Poll: Cost of owning home San Franciscans’ top concern

    Interesting new poll, in that the greater focus is on owning.

    • John

      This shows that housing being expensive isn’t just a problem for the poor, or for tenants. It impinges on people at all wealth levels, and I’ve heard people complaining about how little house you can buy in SF for two million.

      So it’s a concern, but that doesn’t imply that it is realistic to expect politicians to do anything about it. RE values are driven by forces far more powerful for any politician to meaningfully meddle with.

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