Good Morning Mission!

From the new Guatemalan Hot Dog Store on 22nd near Bartlett.

It’s 7 a.m., 58° and headed to a toasty 64°. Details for the next 10 days are here.

There’s a new hot dog store in town — Los Shucos on 22nd Street near Bartlett. As they describe their story on the website:

It all started in 1970 with a home made hot dog cart stationed near El Liceo Guatemala school for boys.  There a humble culinary genius decided to spice up a simple American hot dog with the flavors and ingredients of Guatemalan cuisine.

This creation soon became an irresistible staple for the hungry students, who coined the term “Los Shucos”, meaning “Dirty Dogs” and thus, a legend was born.

In more food news, SF Eater says that Chez Spencer, which burned to the ground last year, will not be returning to that spot. In its place, will be the Japanese-inspired Rintaro. Read more here.  

Who has money to eat? The San Francisco Business Times reports,

The median price for a condo or tenancy-in-common unit in San Francisco hit $950,000 in January, a 24.6 percent year-over-year jump, and surpassed the $928,000 median price for single family homes, according to the San Francisco Association of Realtors. READ MORE.


8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Odd Ball Cinema, What Got What.  

Enjoy the day!

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  1. John

    What’s significant in this latest data is the average SF home now going for over $1,000 a square foot. I’ve been watching out for that resistance level to be breached for some time.

    Of course, recent data is skewed by all the new-build condos coming onto the market, and they will always be pricier than existing homes.

    But any way you look at it, a 25% price appreciation in the last year shows that SF RE continues to be a great investment. Much of the credit for that must be given to NIMBY’s and land use activists for ensuring minimal new supply of homes.

    Gotta love this city.

    • Strictly speaking, that indicates real estate has been a great investment for the last year. It’s not slam-dunk proof that it is a great investment today, or will be tomorrow. (Bubbles are always obviously bubbles… in hindsight. It’s trickier to look at things today and make the bubble/not-a-bubble call accurately.)

      But I’d concur that one reason units in San Francisco have kept their value well is people work hard to keep SF from being over-developed. A well-functioning city is a delicate thing; you can’t always just say, “Great! This is working fine! Now let’s add more people!” without breaking stuff.

      • John

        I see the bounce more as a reaction to the depression of RE values from 2007 to 2011. Factors that has little relevance to San Francisco, like over-building and a poor local economy, dragged us down as well. But after a while, quality wins through and prices recover.

        I don’t really buy all the bubble talk. All markets have cycles in them but, as long as we hit higher lows and higher highs, then the secular trend is up regardless of short-term volatility.

        NIMBYism helps as well, of course, and I just cannot give enough credit to the “build nothing” mob. I really should send them a check or something.

        • poor.ass.millionaire

          Agree 100% with your sentiment towards the “build nothing” crowd. Also, the fanatical Rent Control Industrial Complex helps ensure that smart landlords like us are getting primo rents. Think we should thank them also 🙂

          But screw real estate for a minute. I want to try one of those Shuco hot dogs! Guatemala’s a great travel destination…although I didn’t run across any shucos when I visited. That place sounds like a lot of fun. And see, here’s an example of a “Latino” business that isn’t whining about displacement, but are being smart and pro active in utilizing the new mission’s mixed ethnic vibe. Good going guys!

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