Putt Putt and More

Courtesy of Urban Putt

We missed this one on Wednesday, but here it is on Friday. The San Francisco Chronicle has an update on the Urban Putt, which increasingly seems like a deluxe club.  

It will be interesting to see if Steve Fox and his backers can make it work.

Proprietor Steve Fox rattles off the whimsical, complex components of the course, which is still under construction: a labyrinth, a submarine, an octopus, Day of the Dead, a duck shooting gallery, drums, cymbals and motion-sensor LED lights that look like shimmering phytoplankton as golf balls roll across.

There are even San Francisco touches: Painted Ladies shake on an earthquake-themed hole, and the requisite windmill is positioned on the face of the TransAmerica Building.

But this is a column about restaurant news, and the food and drink at Urban Putt are an essential part of the equation.

“This isn’t just a mini golf course, a restaurant and a bar,” says Fox, a former editor undertaking his first hospitality venture. “This needs to be an experience, an immersive and coherent experience.” More

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