SFGate reports that protests against the Google buses and the gentrification they have come to represent proceeded the SFMTA’s 1 p.m. meeting. Meanwhile a UC Berkeley study shows that 40 percent of the tech workers would move closer to work if the shuttles didn’t exist. 

Meanwhile at the SFMTA, one spectator sums up the ongoing meeting as follows:

On Tuesday, the few dozen protesters — in front of a large pool of media — surrounded the buses and prevented them from moving. Some plastered a sign to one of the coaches that read “Gentrification and Eviction Technologies” in Google-type script. They chanted, “Stop evictions.” By 9:45 a.m., police had cleared out the crowd and the buses had departed, though their destination was not clear.

“At the very least, it gets the mayor’s attention,” said protester Tory Antoni, who lives in an apartment in the Mid-Market area where he says an influx of well-paid tech workers has driven up the cost of rent. “We want to stop the evictions.” The whole story is here.