Condos are moving in next to The Marsh theater in the Mission, but not without a fight. While the San Francisco Board of Appeals unanimously ruled that the proposed condo development include measures to reduce noise during and after construction, concerned members of the community have put forth a petition to remind the Board of Appeals that these measures must be upheld in order to retain the character of the theater and the Mission. Community members plan to present this petition during the next Board of Appeals meeting on Wednesday, January 15 at 5 p.m.

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  1. Hasn’t the Board already given the theater what it wants? (Unreasonably IMO, but still).

    So why are they now still complaining? Will nothing make these NIMBY’s happy?

  2. Protect the Marsh Theatre from what, besides themselves?! This project had been approved awhile ago. If not for all their interference, the condo project probably would have been completed, sold by now. Scott Weiner, this side of Valencia St is in your District. Please stop this stupidity & get the project move forward as approved. If the Marsh is worried about their continued business, maybe they need a new location where their theatre will be needed.

  3. The new tenants are going to pay millions for they new digs so of course they will start complaining about the slightest bit of noise.

    The Marsh is an important resource and it’s operations shouldn’t be hampered by new fussy neighbors. Let it be known!

    I’m sure the real estate brokers will not fully disclose the noise factor to make their commission!

    1. But part of the Marsh’s argument was that their shows were “acoustic” and so sensitive to external noise.

      So is the Marsh saying that they need peace and quiet but that their neighbors do not?

      Double standard? Hypocrisy?

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