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Good morning Mission, it is currently 50° headed towards the high 60s.

As expected, housing was a major focus point during Ed Lee’s State of the City address yesterday. The big news is that Ed Lee is proposing building some 30,000 new homes by 2020.

The Chronicle went with: ” Mayor Ed Lee calls S.F. affordability a ‘crisis’ — says civic discourse needs to ‘grow up.’”

 “For too long in San Francisco, we’ve tried to have it both ways. We want more money for affordable housing, but too often we oppose or scale back the very projects that generate those funds.”

The LA Times had an interesting take on it. 

Mayor Ed Lee has what many city leaders would consider high-class problems: The unemployment rate recently dropped to 5.2% thanks to a flood of new technology companies. A building boom is underway after years of recession, dotting the skyline with cranes.

But with plenty has come displacement of lesser-haves and an identity crisis for a city that has long considered itself welcoming to all, and is now deemed the nation’s least affordable. Cultural rifts are deepening, with tenant advocates staging protests to block the hulking private shuttle buses that transport tech commuters to and from Silicon Valley.

The other big news is the NFC championship game between San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks.

It appears Seattle has some sort of inferiority complex:

“‘Those b——- have won so many championships…and we would love to have had one-tenth the startup culture they have,’ said Paul Shoemaker, a former Microsoft executive who is now the founding president of Social Venture Partners. ‘We have a big brother-little brother thing with Portland. With San Francisco, they are more our big cousin.’” (WSJ)

SFGate has a good slideshow questioning who’s got it better than us?

Nobody. Nobody.

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