Local's Corner on 23rd and Bryant.

UPDATE, Friday, January 3, 6:00 p.m.

Mission Local has yet to hear back from Local’s Corner about the broken window, despite repeated attempts. Yet in an open letter written by Yaron Milgrom, the owner of the restaurant, to El Tecolote newspaper in May of 2013, he publicly apologizes to the Cuadra family:

“As a neighborhood business, I aim to be integral to the fabric of the community—to be welcoming and feel welcome, to be necessary and vital, to contribute to the quality of life of those around me. Anything less is a failure of our open doors, our care and goodwill, and our belief in the connective power of ethical and delicious food.

When Sandy and her family came to Local’s Corner, they felt none of this. Even worse, they felt unwelcome and discriminated against. This is a huge failure to enact our commitment to everyone with whom to interact—from farmers to staff to our customers and neighbors. I am deeply sorry for Sandy’s experience that morning.”

Milgrom also wrote that he met with Cuadra and her family to talk out the incident at Local’s Corner. Despite the apology, Local’s Corner has remained a target of anti-gentrification sentiments. We will continue to keep you posted as more information on this story comes in.


Moving into the new year, it doesn’t look like Local’s Corner’s luck has changed much. The cafe and eatery on 23rd and Bryant had a window smashed the night of January 1.

Nothing yet on if this incident is another act of purposeful vandalism against the restaurant — or just an unlucky coincidence. Local’s Corner has been at the epicenter of neighborhood trash talk this last year after a local Latina woman, Sandra Cuadra, claimed she and her family were turned away from the restaurant in an alleged act of discrimination in late April.

Cuadra died in late October but a group of unnamed apparent supporters claim to be fighting in her name. On Thursday morning, a post signed by the “Brigada Sandra Cuadra,” (or Sandra Cuadra Brigade in English), published on indybay.org about Local’s Corner’s window.

Just over a month ago, Sandra Cuadra was alive. Now she is dead, Sandra is dead, and the restaurant that refused her and her family, told her to leave the property, humiliated her and her loved ones, that restaurant, Local’s Corner had its windows smashed out in the last hours of the first day of 2014. We hope the owner feels a bit of the humiliation he inflicted on Sandra and her family.

The post rails against gentrification, but as Mission Local has pointed out in earlier articles, many businesses have moved in without incident including Pig & Pie, which is now in the old Discolandia site, Haus Coffee and Dynamo Donuts.  Mission Local wrote in March 2011, “…it’s not only newcomers who stand in line. Dynamo’s has become a favorite for longtime Missionite Marta Sanchez, who runs Casa Sanchez next door.” (Added Jan. 4, 1:33 p.m.)

In the wake of Cuadra’s discrimination claims against the restaurant, Local’s Corner was graffitied in May with the words “Keep Mission Brown.”

District 9 Supervisor David Campos even got in on the action — sending Cuadra’s formal report of the alleged discrimination for further investigation by the Human Rights Commission.

An anti-eviction protest in October made a detour off 24th Street to stop in front of Local’s Corner. The crowd got rowdy after Cuadra spoke of her alleged experience at the restaurant.

Stopping by Friday morning, the broken window has already been repaired. Employees confirmed to Mission Local that the glass was, in fact, broken on the first night of the year, and we await further comment. We’ll update when we know more.

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Alexandra Garreton, 26, enjoys living in a neighborhood where she can use her Spanish on a daily basis. Garreton moved to the Mission in August, and has been intrigued by the welcoming nature of the eclectic neighborhood. She’s passionate about giving underserved communities a voice.

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  1. Race report on Local’s corner. I had lunch there today. Four staff including an Asian and a Hispanic. while the two white staff had either tats or a nose ring. All very Mission.

    Oh, and there was a black guy dining.

    Sorry to disappoint all you race card players and identity politicians. But the good news is that you can eat there too. I recommend the trout sandwich.

  2. Large [possibly rowdy] party was unable to be seated at small restaurant; they were turned away due to no room, logistics of putting tables together; group did not want to wait; making a mountain out of a molehill, plus playing discrimination for good measure. My husband & I recently turned away from restaurant due to place packed & no table for 2. Should we sue the place?! We went around the corner at another spot. Happens all the time; get over it! Hopefully the thugs who vandalized Local’s Corner are caught & put in jail. As for those complaining about LC & businesses like them, they do not get it that there are residents who actually want to improve the neighborhood & are tired of living in a slum. More power to them!

  3. The long term residents of the Mission that resent the new establishments seem to have blinders e: how run down this part of the Mission has been for 20+++ years. Small business owners are renting long vacant spaces because they are CHEAP…and when several small businesses do that – the neighborhood turns….same for the homes – rents and home prices have been CHEAP over here…get real – it’s not really the art or the store selling religious stuff or the convenience of a taqueria or wire your money to mexico on each block – people have gravatated here because is was affordable and the neighborhood turned.

    People like that just tolerate the run down multigenerational homes on the block and wish they would get on with their lives versus resent the influx.

    Do these long term residents really want shuttered, dark store fronts and vacant homes? Crime, graffitti, drug dealing? High incidence of high school drop outs and teen pregnancy?

    Is this the community everyone is trying so hard to preserve?

    Have a baby without a partner – live with your parents and grandparents in a run down home …and resent the people who finished high school, maybe college, got into the work force and live on their own.

    They complain about lack of jobs…..all these new businesses offer jobs…not all high skilled jobs. The tech boom offers blue, pink and white collar jobs….get a job, get off the stoop, leave the block…..have some initiative, many of these kids of bilingual – use it for some good.

    They complain about $7 coffees etc. ….what about the expensive SF 49er jerseys or SF Giant gear…..Chevy Suburbans and the gas they require….the desinger jeans and sneakers, branded booze they drink – the look good to their people, I guess but I think a GED and job would be better long term…..

  4. Anyone from overseas who wants to observe America’s total obsession with race could probably do no better than to observe how this total non-story attracts such controversy.

    What a headline – person doesn’t eat lunch at her first choice restaurant. The world is laughing at us.

  5. Six people were refused seating for no reason, the place is small but not that small. Why no reason? That would have cleared things up right away.

    Just think of all those times the liquor store which used to be there before refused service to anyone … I’ve been In plenty of SF places with extremely loud, obnoxious, and/or drunk white people ‘living it up’. I have yet to see someone asked to leave. I’m white but my parents paid attention to how you treat and effect others.

    The locals empire does seem to have image and integrative issues with the community. If you want to expand into an ethnic area, obviously for cheap rent cause Valencia is just around the corner, I think the outreach and respect is on you. Since many locals can’t afford the ‘local empire’ it’s hard to see how this can work.

    RIP Sandy, sadly an undeserved event for anyone at the end of their life …

  6. So insane, the white people have to get out of the Mission, but the brown people can stay? Racist hate at it’s finest. The KKK has nothing on the rent control addicts! (this same comment got me banned at that DEAD MEDIA WALKING ….SFGATE) F them if they can’t handle the truth

  7. I am saddened to read the intense emotion from a few writers who absolutely cannot accept that the complaint of the Cuadra family could possibly have any merit. They keep inventing one rationale after another for why the Cuadras must have been wrong: “everyone needs reservations,” “they were rowdy,” “they were menacing,” “it’s rude to show up at a restaurant in a big group,” “” they haven’t sued, so they can’t have suffered unfair treatment… Totally ludicrous.

    In contrast, Mr. Milgrom had no problem reaching out to the Cuadras to hear what they had to say, and then apologizing for the reception they received at his restaurant.

    My impression is that he is a gentleman who would like to work out problems like with through dialogue. I look forward to hearing from the Cuadras about whether they felt Mr. Milgrom was acting in good faith.

    Nothing in Ms. Garretón’s reporting was slanted against Mr. Milgrom or anyone else, nor was she fanning any flames.

    On the contrary, she makes it clear that this incident is part of the larger issue of gentrification. She gives enough details that we can get a little taste of the conversation between Mr. Milgrom and the Cuadras. I look forward to further articles bringing out more voices and trying to bring people together.

    On the other hand, I do not look forward to the obsessive trolls’ attempt to turn the conversation into a personal or racial vendetta.

    1. Great, if she has a vlaid claim, go for it, file it and prove it. Let the court sort it out.

      But don’t smash windows, threaten violence directly or implicitly, repeatedly slander the owners in the press and act like petty jerks.

      there’s a process, use or just shut up.

  8. PS– I have eaten several times here and it have a number of very nice Latino staff. But I guess that would be too balanced reporting to mention that this and the other Corner restaurants are creating jobs for the community.

  9. Mission Local is happy to fan the flames under the guise of reporting, rather than let the community heal. Anything to encourage more protests against white businesses, is what this web site is all about.

  10. Milgrom could have avoided all this crap by just naming the restaurant “Venture Capitalist’s Corner”.

    Then the Caudras would have known who this corner was for.

    The name is very confusing.

  11. Thank you for posting the update.

    I think you should either identify the writer of the anonymous blog post or you should delete it from your story.

  12. I am deeply disappointed in Mission Local, a project I applaud and support.

    I don’t know any of the people in this story.

    Your “reporting” about Local’s Corner presents the victim of multiple crimes – Local’s Corner restaurant – as the villain. Rather than reporting facts, you rely in a wholly irresponsible way on anonymous blog posts which make outrageous accusations. There is no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of Local’s Corner presented here, just ANONYMOUS serious accusations. To quote those accusations at length, in the absence of facts, is completely unjustified.

    This story does not live in the same neighborhood as responsible or good journalism.

    My name is Elizabeth Zitrin.

    1. I agree, Elizabeth, there is zero evidence that the decision not to seat this large group was anything other than logistical.

      Different races have routinely dined there with no problem, so I have to believe that there is more to this story.

      Normally the family would get a voucher for a free meal and that would be the end of it. But vested ideological interests seem to be trying to turn this into some huge class and race war – shame on them.

      This is a storm in a teacup.

  13. Here’s what I said: “She’s dead so she can’t sue.” Dead people can’t do anything so that is obvious.

    I never described anyone as menacing. You did. I never claimed racism. I stated “irrational fears and prejudices.” You have no idea of my budget or preferences for restaurants. But speculation and ignorance are your consistent tools.

    You are dishonest. When evidence proves you wrong, you lie and make unfounded personal attacks.

    In the words of the great bard:

    “I wish that for just one time
    You could stand inside my shoes
    And just for that one moment
    I could be you

    Yes, I wish that for just one time
    You could stand inside my shoes
    You’d know what a drag it is
    To see you”

    1. What’s your point landline? If you claim that the staff is underpaid and poorly trained then do you want them to be unemployed by forcing out this business.

      You’re all over the place logically and reading your axe grinding is tiresome.

      Milgrom has opened up some nice stores in the area. If that’s such a threat maybe the other stores in the area should step up their game (food or ambience wise).

    2. I was just calling you out for your use of the sexist term “chick” and got dragged into your hate filled world.

      I should have taken my own advice from weeks ago and ignored you.

    3. I hear far worse words than “chick” every day in the Mission, not least from left-wing hate-filled ideologs like you.

    4. Ah, once again John has been exposed as a liar. Try not to embarrass yourself by projecting your own hate filled ideology onto others, Johnny.

          1. I guess you’ve already made your mind up on the basis of the allegations right? You’d obviously make a good juror.

  14. I’m going to book a reservation and show my support for Local’s Corner. The food is wonderful and I know the staff had no ill will to the Cuadra family. It was just a mis-understanding. I’m sure every time I show up to a restaurant and don’t have a reservation and they can’t seat me or rearrange the tables when they know there are others who reserved a spot to come in is some form of discrimination.

    1. I agree with this 100%. I work in the restaurant business, used to host. I was accused of this before too but I can’t make a table pop up out of nowhere and it’s unfair to make other guests who planned ahead with reservations wait. I have been turned away from restaurants too and have not made a fuss just gone somewhere else

      1. I agree with you about reservations. However, that scenario does not apply in this case because:

        1) The restaurant was nearly empty.

        2) The restaurant does not take reservations for brunch.

        1. landline, even when reservations are not taken, if you are going to show up with a large party, it is considered polite to give advance notice.

          The fact that this party looked menacing (by your own admission) further complicates the matter.

          And the fact that they were empty might not matter either because you may not want large parties and may expect to be full very shortly.

          Some places also restrict the party size without a reservation.

          but of course none of that matters to you if you think you can score a cheap racism allegation against a restaurant whose only sin is being too expensive for people like you.

        2. Really?I have made reservations via opentable plenty of times. My mom lives a block away so we go here a lot. We are a Latino family too.

          1. Yes, Elsa, reservations can be made for any time, and should be made for a party of six as a matter of courtesy.

  15. Local’s Corner is receiving bad Karma from it’s own doing related to the Sandy Cuadra discrimination incident.

    The owner is also involved in other questionable sexual harassment shenanigans with his Mission Local restaurant. Not good signs.

      1. Youre right it doesnt, but it also doesnt mean race was not a factor or the exclusive reason. If you read up on the incident youd learn that Cuadra diectly asked why they were being refused service and received no explanation. Anyone who would not consider the possibility that race could be a factor in them being refused service has obviously never faced overt discrimination. I.e. youre most likely a well-off, straight, white man.

        1. LOL, affluent white males probably get more hate speech and discrimination than any other group in the city!

          But to the substance of your point, yes, there is no specific reason to believe it was race and no specific reason to believe it was not. We simply do not know and the only person who does is that waiter who is probably long gone.

          So why all the unfounded speculation in the first place?

    1. It’s not about the color of their skin, but the content of their reservation book. When all you got is a hammer, every problem is a racist nail.

      1. You are mighty racist for someone who claims otherwise. And certainly unfunny.

        What compels you to reply to every comment?

        Locals Corner denied service to the extended Cuadra family in a virtually empty restaurant likely because the Cuadras were wearing their motorcycle club garb evoking irrational fears in the poorly trained and probably underpaid staff. Fears and prejudices that you obviously share.

        Your brain has 50% left vacant in case your one thought needs company.

        1. Locals Corner only takes reservations for dinner: http://www.localscornersf.com/. This incident took place during brunch hours.

          I posted the link this time because I looked it up. I didn’t have to research Subcomandante Marcos. You remain ignorant. No number of comments will mask your intellectual mediocrity.

        2. Your question is irrelevant to the Cuadra’s situation and is a diversionary tactic. No one could possibly know the result of your hypothetical irrelevancy.

          Should a restaurant with available space deny service to potential customers based on their appearance or dress? No, even if there is law that gives restaurants discretion in denying service.

          The Locals mini-empire sure does bring a lot of bad attention to itself. I’m not hearing or reading such complaints about many of the other new wave of restaurants.

        3. By ducking my question you effectively admit that this isn’t about race at all.

          If a large crowd of people show up at your place of business and they look menacing, then i’d say that business can use their judgment to refuse service.

          And that applies regardless of race.

          The restaurant in question is first rate. You should save up and go there before you criticize.

          1. For your information,two of the people that were with Sandy are minors. a girl 9, and a boy 14. Sandy wanted to eat there to try out a new restaurant in the neighborhood. She would rather support local resturants than some big franchised place. Also she was not about suing, it was the principal not the money. She was fighting cancer at this time and now she is no longer with us, so people really need to watch what they say.

        4. I answered your question. “Menacing” is a subjective word. Your use of it confirms your prejudices and irrational fears.

          Spend your tenants’ wages however you want.

          Subcomandante Marcos and Mark Salomon are different people. Locals Corner doesn’t take reservations for brunch. Those are facts, which are the enemies of your sub par arguments.

        5. The word “menacing” may mean slightly different things to different people.

          But if you run a 48-seat restaurant and a 40-strong crowd of KKK members or Nazi skinheads show up, are you saying that a business cannot refuse them?

          Bars and restaurants ban people all the time, or refuse to serve them. Even based on appearance e.g. “no shoes, no shirt, no service” signs.

          I would not expect a black soulfood restaurant to want to serve a KKk party either, but presumably you would be OK with that.

        6. Oh yeah, facts, landline.

          Like dead people cannot sue?

          That was a good one. I enjoyed that.

          Oh, and if I’m less smart than you, how come I know how to get other people to pay m Words are cheap, but actions do not lie.y bills and you do not?

        7. Show me a dead person (not his or her estate) that filed a lawsuit and I’ll reconsider my opinion about your intelligence. Comparing a family to Nazis or the KKK is like a 5 watt analogy. Although yesterday, you equated Calle 24 with the KKK so at least you are consistently dense.

          Why do I suspect that if KKK members showed up in the Mission you would know them personally?

        8. you claimed there could be no lawsuit here because the plaintiff was dead. I refuted you.

          See, I know useful stuff. You only know obscure references of no utility.

          Oh, and you were the one who said that the refused party were a suitably attired motorbike gang. I just showed you how that has nothing to do with race.

        9. There is a libertarian project afoot of electronic jamming that seeks to render progressive chat sites irrelevant by dominating every threat with libertarian drivel. I suspect that John is involved with that.

        10. He’s compelled by people who reply to him. It’s like encouraging Rumplestiltskin. Let him spew elitist racist crap all he wants. When nobody takes his bait, the game will get old and he’ll find some other blog to plague.

        11. Good advice, Ed. I will try to be more disciplined and resist the urge to answer his increasingly ridiculous arguments and personal attacks.

          He is unfortunately persistent and imposes himself on every discussion thread here and on sfbg.com.

          Before John’s arrival, these comment pages were a forum for some fairly dispassionate exchanges about local issues. Now, he baits flame wars with multiple foils, and some other new commenters are referring to people consistently as c–ts and f—ks as the level of discourse deteriorates.

          Remind me again if I fail to take your (and my own) advice.

        12. No, marcos, when the left win an election (like with 8Wash) it is declared as a great victory for the people.

          When the left lose an election, which is much more often, it is dismissed as a vast right-wing conspiracy.

    2. I’m sorry, but Local’s Corner deserves not one iota of this rubbish. They’re a small local business making great use of otherwise old, tired business spaces.

      It’s been extensively explained why the party couldn’t be seated that day. It has absolutely nothing to do with anyone’s race, sexuality, age, etc. This is San Francisco for crying out loud. Let go of it already.

      It seems terribly misguided that people want to cling onto some sort of racially/culturally motivated narrative about the situation, and it’s really sad that this is so deeply embraced as a truth by the “neighborhood”. Especially given that the accepted response would be something so lame, bullyish and illegal as petty vandalism and name smearing.

      1. Agreed, Ben, but remember that it is ony a tiny, extremist minority who think the restaurant did anything wrong here.

        It is essentially just the “usual suspect” ideologs and whiners trying to score a cheap political shot.

        I will make a point of dining there in the next week to show my support, and will let them know the real community and silent majority here are 100% behind them.

        Campos, of course, is just a racist.

        1. Well, I personally can’t afford to eat there. Still, I think it is so frikking lame that people insist that it is some sort of “racist” place, and even lamer that they think it’s justified to smash their windows in the name of some sort of misguided xenophobic paranoia. It isn’t – in fact, it’s an awesome addition to our ‘hood.

          1. Ben, the real issue here is that this restaurant is up-market and high-end, and so the envy mob hold them to a much higher standard.

            If the tamale lady’s new restaurant refuses to serve a gang of white skinheads you will not hear a peep of dissent from the same people who are here crowing and whining about Local.

          2. Because being white and being brown are *identical* experiences in every conceivable possible way in America in 2014. Except of course that white people are subject to so much discrimination for their status of perceived privilege. I mean look at the racial statistics for prisons and CEOs and migrant farm workers and bourgoise gastro pub bistro owners and who gets to live next to the waste incinerator and who gets live next to the beach. IDENTICAL. Talking about race is racist. You’re all a bunch of racists. Race doesn’t exist. I’m a goddamned ostrich with my head underground LEAVE ME ALONE!

      2. Cuadra directly asked the establishment why they were being refused service and received no answer.

        Also you are bashing acts of petty vandalism and name smearing for being “illegal” and yet the legal route (an investigation) is not acceptable to you either. I hope you are not a conflict mediator and do not work with children or have any lovers/partners/a wife. You are dismissive and have provided no alternative outlets. “Deal with it” is not a viable outlet for frustration nor does it give any semblence of accountability.

        At the very least id hope for Locals Corners sake that they make an effort to clarify why someone is being refused service cause none of this crap would have blown up if theyd just done that.

        Also if youre going to pick a name like “Locals Corner” I think denying ANY locals (regardless of race, color, class, whatev) is gonna cause some problems.

        1. I already described how the woman’s family should proceed here. Either file a discrimination lawsuit or move on.

          The fact that there is no suit indicates there is no valid cause of action here. Moreover their loss was minimal.

      3. absolutely, this is a welcoming and freindly busienss for ll comeers. People in the neighborhood should be greeting this restaurant with open arms. These people are doing a great job, making high quality food at affordable prices.

        the window smashers are pettty jerks who have no vision, no real commitment to the neighborhood and see only racism where there is in fact a small business contributing to their neighborhood.

        1. Yes, as I mentioned a day or two ago, I had lunch there this week. The staff included an Asian and a Hispanic, while one of my fellow diners was black.

          Oh, and most of the whites there has tats and piercings which, my tenants tell me, is a sign of total cred and rad in theMmish.

          1. How nice for the multiethnic staff! They get the honor of serving people like you all day, and then they get to hand over most of the money they’ve earned to a landlord like you.

            I’ll bet they even pretended to to like it.

          2. nutrisystem, that was snide. My point was limited to the observation that an establishment that is staffed 50% by non-whites is unlikely to be the hotbed of racism that you seem to want it to be, for reasons best known to yourself.

            To the other, do you hate your landlord because he doesn’t let you live in his home for free?

          3. I never accused this staff of rascism. The problem is economic aparthied.

            My point is that it’s effed up that the staff work hard and can barely afford a roof over their heads in a rundown multi-housemate apartment because of gouging by people like you.

            I’m 100% for landlords being paid a FAIR rent, and no, $2000/mo for a studio isn’t a fair rent – spare us the supply and demand BS.

            The problem with places like Local’s Corner isn’t the staff or the food or the good intensions of the owner, it’s the greed force-field they emanate.

          4. nutrisystem, that is an opinion you are of course entitled to hold. However, that has nothing to do with the allegations of the deceased “victim” and her family, who are alleging only racism and not any form of economic dichotomy.

            If Local’s Corner irks you then I imagine that there are dozens of establishments all across the Mission that will irk you. At some point you surely have to accept reality, no?

            As for what is a fair rent, that is impossible to determine without knowing the landlord’s costs. A LL who bought your building yesterday needs far higher rents than one who bought 30 years ago, and whose mortgage is paid off and who enjoys a low Prop13 property tax basis.

            I know what you want. but what are you offering in return?

    1. No, as the article states, he’s investigating the claim of racial discrimination at the restaurant–exactly what a district supervisor is supposed to do.

      1. Almost any place of business can reserve the right to refuse to serve customers.

        If those refused had been white, what would your excuse have been then.

        If this chick wants to sue then she should, but breaking a window is just petty.

        1. She’s dead so she can’t sue. You have as little regard for women as you do for poor and working class people, I see. Chick? Really?

          Does your money buy you love?

          1. I routinely see restaurants that have rules about who can eat there e.g. “no shirt; no service” and “we reserve the right to refuse anyone”.

            There is a difference between discrimination and being discriminating.

          1. As landline was taught yesterday, the estate of a deceased person can act as a plaintiff on their behalf post-mortem.

        2. Name one time a white person was turned down service in the usa based on the color of their skin. Are u retarted? They are racist as fuck i tried goin to that business before and was told that my people would be more confortable at a taqueria and that my people dont belong in their. A lot of white owned business in the mission treat latinos like this, its fucked up because when it happens to a black person its all over the mainstream media but when it happens to us no one cares, we are second rate citizens here in this country and its not fair.

          1. I do not believe that you were told that you would be more comfortable in a taqueria, although it is entirely possible that you would.

            There are plenty of places where whites would not feel comfortable, including most of Detroit.

            Oh, and BTW, people routinely get told they cannot enter nightclubs because they do not look right.

      2. Why isn’t he also investigating the vandalism by racist vandals who want to “keep the mission brown”?

      3. Don’t kid yourself: Campos is playing politics, as always. There are far bigger issues in this neighborhood than a she-said, he-said racial discrimination claim, and yet Campos always goes out of his way to take on the issue that can earn him the most votes. You can’t effectively lead a district and solve any of its problems when you only represent one part of the population. Discrimination is terrible (if that indeed was the reason Ms. Cuadra and her family were denied service), but fanning the flames without proof for political gain is a terrible thing for EVERYONE who lives in the Mission.

        1. Yes, there is really only one way to categorize Campos. He plays the race card whenever he can. And that makes him a racist and so unsuitable for office.

    2. “Keep the Mission brown” – how incredibly racist & hypocritical!!
      Should the Sunset district be saying “Keep the Sunset white?”

        1. That’s exactly my point. Should the white people who were there before the Asians be fighting to keep the Asians out??

          1. Actually the Sunset got its name as a marketing ploy thanks to developers trying to pull one over on immigrants, including east asians. Its always had a chinese community.

            Also white people didnt move out of the sunset in throngs cause they were being selectively killed or harassed by police for racial reasons. Pretty different.

      1. The difference is that white people are in a position of economic, social, & political power relative to Brown people. (And yes, the Sunset is mostly Asian-American.)

    3. I love how apologists for white privilege always call anti-racism “racially divisive” or “race-baiting.” You know what’s “racially divisive”? Gentrifying restaurants being racist towards longtime residents of the Mission.

      1. The idea that racism can only be committed by whites has been widely refuted and discredited.

        Race-card playing IS a form of racism.

    4. Soy un Latino que en comido en ambos Locals Corner y Mission Local. Nunce he sido discriminado. Por el contrario, siempre he side tratado con respeto y amabilidad.

      Por $12 uno puede comer un almuerzo en Local Mission Eatery que es sano y es una alternativa o toda la grasa y el colesterol que sirven muchos restaurantes en la Mision y que contribuyen a la epidemia de diabetes que esta ocurriendo entre los Latinos.

      Que en paz descanse esta mujer, pero suena como que tenia otros problemas personales y tal vez pasaba por un mal dia y quizo desaogarse con este restaurante.

      Seguire apoyando a Locals Mission Eatery y a Local’s Corner.