Here’s what you may have missed over the weekend.

PRINT: Mission Local had the opportunity to sit down with two anti-eviction activists for a Q & A session on eviction stencils that are popping up all over the Mission. Where have you seen these stencils?

We’re also keeping you up to date on Mission’s oldest community murals and how they’re getting restored after being vandalized. Do you have a favorite mural in the Mission?

VIDEO: We sampled some pastries with Müller Luo, who jumped from the finance world to the bake world, filled with cream puffs, crepe cakes and mille-feuille cake. We also took a moment to speak with a local Aztec dancer celebrating our Lady of Guadalupe. Don’t miss checking out a group of carolers who surprised low-income seniors at Bethany Senior Center by singing in four languages.

SHORTS: We asked readers who they think is to blame for the housing crisis in the midst of a New American Media story, which asked whether it was OK to solely point the finger at techies. We also introduced readers to a new dating site that claims to find your perfect match using facial recognition software. Additionally, we learned that a few of the firefighter responders to Asiana’s crash last July, lacked proper emergency response training.

Finally, the corner of 24th and South Van Ness streets became a hot spot this weekend after some controversial messages directed at tech workers, appeared on a light controller box.

And here are a couple of our favorite SNAPS:

Under Her Watchful Eye

Lady Mission Dolores