You can never be too careful, even if it’s the middle of the afternoon in Dolores Park. Just ask the 22-year-old Hispanic male who was approached at gunpoint by two Hispanic males in their 20s Monday afternoon at 1:40 p.m. The gun-wielding suspects asked whether the victim was affiliated with any gangs and took his electronic cigarette. The victim’s girlfriend called 911, prompting the suspects to flee, but they were arrested shortly thereafter.

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Heather Mack, 30, has spent most of her life outdoors and often hangs out in the less-frequented parks of San Francisco to avoid the crowds of places like Dolores Park on a Saturday. She believes that everyone is happier when they are outdoors, even if they don’t. At Mission Local, Heather wants to explore what healthy living in the Mission looks like for all socioeconomic classes.

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