Entries are coming in and there is one more day to get yours in. Questions? See our FAQs on the bus contest that ends at midnight tomorrow. We will be posting many during the next week.

This one is from Ulrika Andersson:

For your consideration I submit “Let it Leak,” a celebration of whistleblowers using internet technology to alert the citizenry of the dangers of government and corporate overreach.

“Let it Leak” is a tribute to three widely recognized persons: Private Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden: all renowned for their services to a global populace. The public, previously unaware of the actions committed in their name, has been enlightened due to the efficient spread of information over the internet and the significant sacrifice of individuals such as the three whistleblowers mentioned.

As the shuttle buses for Genentech, Google, Facebook and others transport workers from San Francisco to various locations; “Let it Leak” sends a message to the city, the freeway and the workers themselves. They remind viewers that individuals within systems can make a difference, that our relationship to technology is complex, and that technology itself does not automatically settle itself on a given side on the ever-changing equation of authority.