SNAP: No Crowds

Picture of Dolores Park with view of city in background.Photo by Lynne Shallcross

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  1. C. Russo

    Ah, the Mission temporarily denuded of east coast techie transplants.

  2. I have been at Dolores Park on the day after thanksgiving and even hundreds of times when it’s been this empty. It’s supposed to be a park. Not a meet market/beer wine festival/playground for arrogant out of towners. My nickname was football cuz I went there to throw a football primarily but the ironic part was there could be hundreds I ask to throw the football with me and they are all drinking smoking weed and what not but nobody wanted to help me get some exersise at this massive park. Ironic or just flat out annoying… I was an every day regular prior to the reconstruction, post reconstruction I don’t even want to bother with the hostile , mean, unreal table crowds of people trying to fit in… I made hundreds of friends that were good people but they were generally considered the outcasts and not “hip”, but they were the most down to earth people, people are mean if you trying to be a loving human. It’s actually very sad to saw what I saw. I tried to lift spirits of people and I played more with dogs than with humans at times. Lol. I was/am the great football legend of Dolores Park… I’m a legend of football at many parks , this is just the most “iconic” of them all.

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