The superhero profession appears to be thriving in the Mission.

Roxanne Cai, a.k.a. “Rock N Roll,” is part of a movement of comic-book-style crime fighters called “The Initiative,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Cai patrols the Mission wearing “knee-high leather boots and purple and pink streaks in her hair,” picking up needles and handing out granola bars and clean socks to homeless people.

In the Mission, needle cleanup is no easy task: Cai tells the Chronicle that she’s retrieved more than 3,200.

Cai isn’t the only superhero watching over the Mission these days. As we reported Monday morning, a yellow-clad cartoon crusader named Narcania is also fighting drug overdoses in a Clarion Alley mural. The outreach mural is sponsored by the Drug Overdose Prevention and Education (DOPE) Program and funded by the Department of Public Health.