A 32-year-old man paid a steep price for chivalry early Saturday morning: a suspect beat him repeatedly in the head with a metal rod.

Around 2 a.m., the suspect approached the man and his girlfriend near the intersection of 16th and Valencia streets and began making “inappropriate sexual remarks” to the woman, San Francisco police spokesman Albie Esparza said.

The boyfriend told the suspect – a man who looked to be in his mid-to-late 20s – to leave her alone. He did, and then turned on the boyfriend, striking him in the head multiple times with the blunt instrument, police said.

As the suspect was fleeing the scene, he also used the rod against a 30-year-old woman who witnessed the incident, police said.

The boyfriend, bleeding from cuts on the back of his head and forehead, was admitted to San Francisco General Hospital. The second victim complained to police of neck and back pain, but declined medical treatment. The girlfriend was not harmed.

Esparza described the suspect as about 5′ 10″ and 180 lbs., with a shaved head and dressed in a white shirt and dark pants. Police later recovered the weapon on Mission Street, but no arrests have been made. Esparza said it was an unfortunate case, considering the victim “was just trying to defend his girlfriend.”

“Thankfully the victim was not too seriously injured,” Esparza said.

Andy Mannix

Andy Mannix is a national-award-winning investigative reporter. He studied journalism at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, where he worked as in-depth projects desk editor for the Minnesota Daily,...

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  1. I was there. The weapon was not a metal rod it was some kind of hand chain saw thing. Trust me the boyfriend knew how to defend himself but that was not a fair fight.

  2. The cops aren’t interested in finding these guys. I saw the aftermath and the guy’s friend was telling the cops that the suspect was just down that street and that a woman friend of theirs was following him. He told the cops I’m going to go over there and tried to get them to go as well but the cops refused so he went down the street toward Mission by himself while the cops stayed behind. I get the feeling the police don’t want to hassle actually arresting anyone. The night before a woman was beaten by a group of guys and I saw the cop actually catch up to one of them who was walking away and he just let him go without even checking on what had happened.

  3. It is perfectly clear that the SFPD have absolutely no desire to make matters better in that shit hole area of the mission. It’s unfortunate.

  4. It’s not just SFPD. They work for the city and Campos and Ed Lee are their bosses who have failed to lift a single finger to keep the hard working law abiding residents of the Mission safe from violence. They’ve set the precedent that it’s fine to violate the law in any manner you choose within the Mission and crimes like this are just one of the results, along with there being no reason to think things will ever improve.

    1. I belive things won’t change until the scope of SFPD’s job does their essentially gunslingers with badges and Crown Victoria’s policeman doesn’t have to protect and serve the community on the side of their cars any longer and that was a great silent lost to everyone and now there is this thing they say “we don’t cover civil matters only criminal” so that mean civil “civilians” aren’t protected by police anymore we are just governed by them so if anyone thinks that they will give up their new founded powers with out accountability willingly I think we would see E.T. In the flesh first!!!!

  5. SFPD are a joke.The closer to the station the worse things are…just look at the plaza at nighttime/ early morning, its a dump full of hypes and drug dealers. The SFPD have no type of presence and criminals know this. I live in the neighborhood and I see it everyday.

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