12 Hours at 16th and Mission

A Mission mom walks her daughter to school.

On Tuesday, a Mission Local reporter spent 12 hours – from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. – documenting life at the intersection of 16th and Mission Streets.

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  1. Wonder how the story would have changed if it were the “other” 12 hours…

  2. martian

    i was teeling a friend this morning that i actually see 16th street bart now as an oasis from valencia street.

    i often cringe at seeing and listening to the new mission ie: facebookers/gogglers engage on the street.

    its like 16th street bart and the immediate surrounding area as a last strong hold for the old mission, once it is conquered it will officially be the end of the mission.

    • Blurpy

      Yup, the old mission is gonna die. Just like the old mission before that one died, and the even older mission before that one died.

  3. randolph mortimer

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I often duck down to 16th St when I need to get my fix of smelling urine, being harassed and getting scammed with fake late night bus tickets.

    • martian

      funny how douches, dont know they are douches. guess ignorance is bliss…keep on keeping on.

      • SciLaw

        The truth hurts?? Are you saying that you don’t smell urine or have never been accosted at 16th and Mission? Really??

      • randolph mortimer

        U MAD BRO ??

        • martian

          crazy huh? all that squalor and hopelessness and i actually cringe more at techies/new wealthy of the mission.

          and i still actually prefer a low rider or a car with 25inch rims than a convertible BMW, driven by some dude with the dealer plates still on.

          or a person ridng their obviously well worn bicycle to work/school, than someone with a Public bike, backpack, nutcase helmet and kryptonite lock with tags all still on it all purchased at Public.

          you can never buy/package what the mission was or is still hanging on to that made it where artists, politicos and families wanted to live.

  4. Missionite

    These images hardly reflect “life” at 16th and Mission. That area is more about death, addiction and mental illness than these images portray.

  5. Pamela

    At first glance it almost looks clean, safe, normal. Then photos 5, 6 & 8 pop up. Had the story run from 6:00pm-6:00am most likely all the photos would have been showing the daily grit, crime. Unfortunately, 24th & Mission is the same scenario.

  6. InSF

    Looks more like a bored reporter pretending to be a street photographer (and doing a rather mediocre job of it.) pass.

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