The front end of a Honda is damaged by a collision resulting from a Highway Patrol chase.

At approximately 8:20 Tuesday night, a dark green Honda collided with a parked white Toyota truck on the corner of Mission and Valencia streets following a car chase by California Highway Patrol.

According to witness Robert Shea, a Highway Patrol car sped after the Honda, but the driver refused to pull over and accelerated instead. The patrol car cornered or rammed into the Honda, Shea said, forcing it to crash into the parked truck.

Witness Kevin DeFranco said he saw the patrol car following the Honda and using the loud speaker to ask the driver to pull over. “I was rounding the corner and they (the officers) came out with their guns drawn and then I saw about three cops run down the street,” DeFranco said. “The car was going fast and he (the driver of the Honda) hopped the barrier,” DeFranco said, referring to the low barrier that separates traffic at the intersection of Valencia and Mission streets.

Officers suggested to Collin Ackerman, owner of the truck that was hit, that the Honda may have been stolen. Ackerman was returning from dinner in the neighborhood when he noticed patrol cars on the corner. “I thought maybe I’d have to step over a bum being arrested but then I realized my car had been hit,” he said.

The driver and another male suspect were arrested at the scene. A third female passenger fled down Valencia Street.

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  1. I don’t think law enforcement should involve themselves in high speed chases. Deaths and property damage can result. There are other ways to try to apprehend those who flee. Shoot out a tire? No, too dangerous. Take the license number and radio for intercepts? LE professionals could probably think of a better, more adult, more professional approach.

    1. Maqa you sound hella square and down right phony… get out of the Mission please…

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