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At 1:42 a.m. police reported that a man assaulted and robbed a woman near 17th and Shotwell Streets. The male suspected approached the victim from behind and hit her in the head, causing her to fall to the ground. The suspect and victim struggled for her purse, and he was able to take money and a bracelet from her wrist, before fleeing on foot.

The victim suffered swelling to the head and bruises on her knee and arm. The injuries were not life-threatening, and she was treated at San Francisco General Hospital. No arrests were made.

At 6:45 p.m. police reported that a woman chased after a male suspect who attempted to steal her phone. The woman was riding a bus near 23rd and Mission Streets when the man grabbed her phone. After a struggle for the phone, the suspect was able to obtain it and fled the bus on foot. The female victim ran after the man, and the man then punched her in the head. The man reportedly dropped the phone and the woman recovered it.

The victim suffered bruises to the head and leg that were not life-threatening. She was treated at San Francisco General Hospital. No arrests were made.

A shooting occurred at 22nd and Bartlett Streets at 6:45 p.m., injuring one person, police reported. Two men in their 20’s entered into an argument. The suspect then shot the victim, grazing him in the face. The suspect fled the area in a grey vehicle with a hatchback. The victim was treated at San Francisco General Hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening.

No arrests were made.


A man was robbed at gunpoint at 1:10 a.m. near 17th and Dolores Streets, police reported. The man was walking when two male suspects pulled up next to him in a green Ford Mustang. One of the suspects exited the vehicle with a gun and demanded the victim’s belongings.

The suspect took the victim’s backpack and cutlery in the incident. No arrests were made.

Police reported that a man was beaten up by several other men at 2:08 a.m. in Dolores Park. The victim was first approached by one suspect who kicked him. After the victim attempted to fight back, three other male suspects began kicking and punching him.

The victim suffered swelling and lacerations to the face and torso. Two suspects were taken into custody and the others fled the scene.


At 2:30 a.m. two men forced a man strip his clothes and hand over his possessions near 16th and Mission Streets, police reported. The two male suspects approached the victim and brandished a handgun. After taking his wallet, money and smart phone, the suspects gave the victim his clothing back. The suspects fled the scene on foot.

No arrests were made.

At 9:30 p.m. near Mission and 18th Streets, a man was robbed at knifepoint. A male suspect approached the victim and asked where he was from. Then the suspect pulled out a knife and demanded his property. The suspect took the man’s cell phone and wallet.

No arrests were made.

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    1. i hope so to….the white young ones are the crazy ones who vandalise anything for the hell of it

    2. The street crimes have to stop. Let’s make the Mission safe for all. Shame on those who have the gall to “hope” that the victims were “techy scum”.

    1. What type are you implying and from what location there are all “types” of people that stays all over SF, mission neighborhood included do you even stay there are nearby enough to comment the different demographic groups in the area

      1. Exactly what I want to know from me actually living in the mission there is no “type” of anything now there are intergrated communities with different lifestyle of people’s just between 16th & 24th and mission there are so many great things and people as well as the bad but how can you categorized a whole community from the actions of a small group, people would like you to believe everything is corrupt under a certain tax bracket but actually everything is under resourced under a certain tax bracket and comments like those “type” of people is what’s use to justify letting it remain how it is I can’t believe how racist people still are and I even been discriminated aganist in Safeway while waiting for my little daughter to come from the restroom and lady looks at me and say that’s why the store is going down because they let all these street people in here and I remark what is a street person I’m a teacher, student, father, mentor, activist for the environment and human equality through self sustainability, and a Christian amongst other things but street person what do everybody has to wear Armani Versace Abercrombie to be looked at different bad people come in all shapes sizes colors neighborhoods and in different types I clothes so for anyone to read these articles and just say I can tell what type of people I would be just as wrong to say I know what type a person you from your appalling comment lady! Very quaint!

          1. Lol I can admit my grammar needs work Hence forth the student part I take English this summer thanks for the observation. Lol

          2. Out of all that all you got was the point that I didn’t use a period them have the nerve to wiki the definition well on look up childish as well as immature then life sine you choose to correct my grammar when I can type how I please do you grade me are you Mavis Beacon? Do you pay my phone bill all the answers are no just Like the answer to the question was your post relevant

        1. >> I’m a teacher . . .

          Even after your second rant, you still can’t find the punctuation keys – lol.

          I think you miss the point. When you can’t write . . . or don’t make the effort to write above a certain level, no one is going to take you seriously, no matter how good your points are. What stands out above all is the markedly bad writing.

          1. And besides, your defensiveness in replying – with laughable references to phone bills, etc – just compounds your problems and makes you look worse.

  1. Been in the mission for quite some time , and all the locations these crimes are happening in seem to be consistent with the mission of the past . North and south hoods robbing people at d lo park , and groups of 2 or 3 jumping people for their belongings . Those hoods are still there in full effect , and most likely wont stop considering the crimes are happening earlier in the day . The recent wave of new mission residents in the last 10 years has definitely help clean up the face of the Mission, but at its core body bag park is still there , and the block is still banging . I hope the new residents, businesses, community support and money that come with it can help create a safer mission for the city of san francisco .

    1. I agree with that but what’s needed along with new faces and revenue is resources and advocates for the resources to go out to the neighborhoods and at least attempt to get through to the ones willing to accept then over time more will come along and in time the youth will have more examples and oppertunity to choose a different path and I’m speaking from exp. in a SF mission neighborhood

      1. I agree with LT’s last comment. Very powerful statement. Born and raised in the Mission. My children are second generation Mission district residents.

        1. Thank you for looking at what I was saying and to those who still want to correct my grammar what’s the problem you didn’t say it first I pay my iphone bill I can type as I please and with the lack of grammar you still can’t invalidate my information so thank you for your blindness and you call your self a teacher of what a class I’m trying to teach classifications to stop degentrification and make it better for latter generations so please stop the pettieness

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