Today Dolores Park was a gathering spot not just for sunbathers but also for those who want to recognize women’s rights and protest against sexual violence. Women and men gathered at the park to chant and share stories as cars honked in support and passersby joined in or simply looked on.

“Whatever we wear, wherever we go, yes means yes and no means no,” participants chanted.

The event’s organizers are part of the national group Women Organized to Resist and Defend, better known as WORD. This rally is one of many happening across the country in celebration of International Women’s Day, which takes place every year on March 8.

“Women and everyone who supports them recognize that we haven’t won equality,” said Nathalie Hrizi, an organizer with WORD and a fifth-grade public school teacher. “This is not just to hear ourselves talk, it’s to engage the community.”

The rally in Dolores Park moved to the Women’s Building on 18th Street at 1 p.m., and from there organizers planned to march along Mission Street. The last stop will be the 24th Street BART station.