Fire Trucks Dispatched to Mission High After Electrical Outage

Photo by Kristina Weise

The San Francisco Fire Department dispatched several trucks to Mission High School at 3:30 on Tuesday after receiving reports that smoke had been smelled inside a classroom.

The school building had a power outage around the same time this afternoon, according to Mindy Talmadge, a fire department spokeswoman. At the scene, fire officials found that a wire connector in an electrical panel had burned. Talmadge said that there was no fire but that students had been evacuated from the building.

The department dispatched a first alarm assignment, which consists of four units. Talmadge said that by 4 p.m. the scene was cleared and fire trucks were leaving the area.

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  1. neighbor

    The power has been on and off all afternoon around this neighborhood. The ice cream store, Namu, Everett MS — what’s going on?

  2. Oh it was not a good moment. Nice to know that than don’t have to face any mishap, really great preparedness of the Fire Trucks.

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