VIDEO: Do You Know El Soñador?

From "El Soñador"

This beautiful short documentary about Marcos “El Soñador” Alvarez, a blind street musician who plays at the 24th and Mission BART station, is well worth watching. The project was shot in 16mm and Super 8 film, which gives it a weighty and nostalgic feeling.

“If I didn’t have problems with my sight, I probably wouldn’t be a musician,” Alvarez says in the documentary. Much of the short film moves in and out of darkness and light, mimicking the subject at hand.

Thanks to filmmaker Javier Roberto Carlos for pursuing this project, thank you Mission Mission for posting it a few days ago, and thank you, El Soñador, for making music.

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  1. Paco

    Nice! -I mean, sad, but nice.
    “Es una ironía, uno no ve al mundo ni el mundo lo quiere ver a uno tampoco”.

  2. Vanessa Carr

    Shot on actual film! Gorgeous.

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