Crime Recap: Motorcycle Collision, Stabbing


At 6:15 a.m., a male teenager opened the door to his room in an apartment near 16th and Mission streets and saw a man standing in the hallway, police reported. The victim’s statement indicated that the suspect’s intent was to burglarize the residence. The suspect was identified and arrested.

At 8:30 a.m. a vehicle making a U-turn at 21st and South Van Ness streets collided with a motorcycle, police reported. The motorcyclist suffered injuries that were life-threatening and was transported to a hospital. No arrests were made.

At 6:30 p.m., a man bumped into another man while walking near 24th and Mission streets, police reported. The two men started arguing and the suspect stabbed the victim with a knife before fleeing the scene. The victim suffered a wound to his arm that was not life-threatening.

No arrests were made.

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  1. Dave

    I am frustrated beyond belief regarding the accidents on South Van Ness. How many more major accidents must occur before someone flips a switch and slows this street way down. The street is unsafe…period. The light timing allows cars, trucks and buses to fly down the street

    • kp

      That driver was/is a moron! He flipped a b**** at a 4 way stop! There should have been an arrest for reckless driving!

      Mission Local, please follow up on the condition of the cyclist and please identify the stupid driver.

  2. Dave

    I have been conacted by two reporters from Mission Local regarding two issues on South Van Ness Ave. It was indicated to me that they were going to submit articles on them. I did not solicit the reporters inquiries.

    One issue was MUNI is Still using South Van Ness as a speedway from 17th to 26th even though they promised to move them back to Mission St. The buses are turning the street into more of a nightmare. You can’t convince me that they are saving time at 4:00am when the caravan through the neighborhood instead of MISSION ST.

    Secondly, another reported told me that he would report on all of the major accidents along South Van Ness Ave.

    Where are your stories? Do you think that the issues don’t exist or are not important? Would you run a story if this happened on other Mission District streets?

    The issue of the traffic safety on this street is real. No money has been used for traffic calming on South Van Ness like all of the others lime Valencia, Folsom, Harrison and Bryant. One should not have to be connected to have traffic engineers recognize a major problem on a street and fix it before more accidents injure anymore people.

    • Michael

      Just drove by and saw a 2 car wreck (little sedan and big Escalade-type SUV) at 15th and SVN. Possible a third car, a police cruiser, was wrecked too, as I saw it being towed a block past the scene but am not sure it was involved in the accident. Used to live on SVN. It can be a crazy street.

      • Dave

        That was the second this week. One was at 21st/ SVN. And the one you are referring to. Both victims are reported as having life threatening injures.

      • Michael

        Correction: The wreck from yesterday (Wed) was actually at 14th and SVN, not 15th.

        I was driving down SVN again this morning (Thurs) at 10:30 and saw ANOTHER accident. This time it was at 16th and SVN and looked like a mid-size sedan crashed into and nearly ran over a motorcycle or scooter.

        • Dave

          I stand corrected. Sadly, there are so many wrecks on this street that I got confused. SfAppeal reported that today’s accident at 16th/South Van Ness left a speedway motor scooter with life threatening injuries.

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