Most know the Ibarra brothers as the owners of a printing shop with the same name on Valencia Street, but the native Nicaraguans have a secret identity: they’re famous musicians. They have a record label and have recorded their own albums and those of other musicians.

In 1967, the Ibarra brothers and some friends started a band called Los Fantasticos. After they had played for a month, a radio employee suggested they change the name to Los Ramblers. The band members have stayed together ever since, and Los Ramblers are well-known in Nicaragua and throughout Central America.

In 1981, Los Ramblers were selected by the Nicaraguan government to represent the country at musical events.

The Ibarra brothers immigrated to the United States in the 1980s due to the political situation in Nicaragua. Arturo was the first to come, with the other brothers following. They started Ibarra Brothers Printing in 1987 and have been in the Mission ever since.

The Ramblers have participated in festivals across the United States, including the Festival de la Calle 8 in Miami, Festival de la Calle Broadway in Los Angeles, and Festival de Santa Anita.

They say that staying on top of technology is what has kept Ibarra Brothers in business.

Ibarra Brothers Printing, 1009 Valencia St., 415-826-6700.