Four Rob and Attack Man for Cell Phone at 24th and Mission

Four men in their 20s robbed a man of his cell phone as the victim waited at a bus stop at 24th and Mission streets at 10 Monday night.

The victim chased one of the suspects but was knocked down and kicked by the three other suspects. All four suspects then fled the area on foot.

No descriptions of the suspects are available at this time.

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  1. SafeStreets

    at 10pm? where are the people and cops to keep this stupid behavior from happening?

  2. Pamela

    More police are needed between 16th & 24th/Mission St. Those blocks are danger zones even in the day time.

  3. jaime

    What the Mission needs is some good old vigilante justice to keep these pieces of human garbage in check. It’s clear that the SFPD and the wonderful elected officials at City Hall don’t give a damn about the law-abiding citizens of the neighborhood.

  4. Daniel

    Keep your phones in your pocket yuppie! Or at least watch your surroundings! Don’t you know these jackers are looking for you to slip? You’re not in Omaha people!

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