Overhang Collapses at 76 Gas Station

The overhang at a 76 gas station at 17th St. and Potrero Ave. collapsed this afternoon. Photo by David White.

An overhang at the 76 gas station at 17th St. and Potrero Ave. collapsed Saturday afternoon.

At around 3 p.m. the wind was blowing and the rain pouring down on the gas station. Attendant Bishwas Lamichhane was inside the station garage when he heard a crash outside. He thought it was just branches falling, but then he heard one big crash.

Lamichhane went outside and saw the overhang on the ground next to a pump. There were no customers pumping gas when the overhang collapsed, and no one was injured in the accident. A few branches landed on a car parked on the sidewalk.

Police arrived on the scene and closed down the entire station for an hour. They placed caution tape around the pumps where the overhang fell. The other pumps were reopened for service.

The pumps below the overhang that collapsed are still functional, which Lamichhane said was lucky, because the collapse could have caused an explosion. He did not know when those pumps would reopen for customers to use.

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  1. My ground floor Mission apartment flooded this morning. The weather is acting up!

  2. Downtheblock

    Really? Explosion Bishwas Lamichhane? You are a gas station attendant not a fire marshal. Look at the damage, there are no burn marks and the only damage to anything the handles gasoline is from the canopy hitting it as it came down. There was no explosion, this just happens when people do not clean the drains and too much water weight builds up.

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