At 4 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 13, a 17-year-old woman was walking along Mission Street when a 30-year-old man and two 15-year-old girls attacked her. During the attack one of the suspects stole the victim’s MP3 player and fled on foot. The victim later complained of an injury to her leg, police said.

At 4:30 a.m. today, a 31-year-old man was attacked and robbed on Mission and 17th streets by four men in their twenties and thirties. Police said that three of the suspects restrained the victim while the fourth stole his property, which included cash and credit cards.

On Monday, Nov. 12, at 4:15 a.m., six men surrounded a 23-year-old man and restrained him as one of the suspects went through his pockets and stole his cell phone and wallet, which contained cash. The suspects then fled on foot, police said.

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  1. Does any one know what happened about 30 min ago on 25th and Folsom. I heard a woman screaming and say some sort of fight in the middle of the street . I am severral blocks away , called the cops but wondering if she is ok

    1. The Gangstas dream of the day when someone else pulls a gun on them. Even if you are 25-30 years old, the 15 year old kid with the gun will out draw you every time unless you are a war veteran or cop.

  2. message: avoid walking by yourself in the mission around 4am!

    if only the perpetrators of these crimes could be more present in the areas between valencia and dolores, we could be getting rid of all these techie and hipster scum!

      1. Hey, if we got rid of the hipsters, who’d there be left to mug and steal from? Be careful what ya wish for! /sarcasm

        1. True but also the demand for apple products would decrease, the thugs may have to manage with Androids and Microsoft … LOL

          1. Actually, 30 year old losers that pimp 15 year old girls to attack a 17 year old girl at 4 am in the morning are ruining The Mission.

            Some of the young male techies are A-holes, they act like they own the Mission and they think that all of the women dig them. But the majority of techies seem pretty cool.

          2. True that, kp. The Mission in its current state doesn’t need anyone else to help “ruin” it. The litter, graffiti, gang violence, drunks, and general disarray has been here long before there was ever any “tech boom.”

            And, like someone said before, a lot of these new businesses that hipsters frequent are actually employing loads of Latinos. There is actually such a thing as a win-win, ya know.

      2. If you think so, why you don’t move to a nicest place where there are no hipsters?? Like Hunter Points…. I’m sure you would feel at home down there!

      3. Not quite sure what you mean by “hipster,” Antoinette, as the word has pretty much lost its meaning at this point. If you mean “young techie professionals,” then as a young Latino techie I’m not quite sure what about us is ruining the neighborhood for you. Sorry? I’m always respectful of local businesses and don’t really bother anyone when I’m out having a good time.

        You can be angry that you’re seeing new faces–it’s understandable, considering the amount you’v ehad to fight to make your way growing up around here.

        Eventually, though, things are going to change. Condos will be built, buildings renovated. Question is, are you going to be able to keep up if you’re still on the side of the homeboys and the criminals? If I had to wager a bet between techie money and crime moving people out of town, I’d bet on money any day.

        Think about it. Maybe play a little bit nicer. We don’t hate you, as long as you’re not rooting for us to get robbed on our way home.

    1. Murders, shootings, robbers, drug sales all around the Mission and for you the problem are the hipsters??? The problem for the Mission is stupid and racist people like you, who think that poverty and crime are authentic features of the neighborhood… Yes, better gang members and crackheads than hipsters and techies who bring in money and business!! I actually think people like you are the real scum!

  3. Darn! I guess I’m a lucky female, because I stomp up and down the hood without a problem at 3 am.. iPhone cash and all… Tisk … Tisk … Tisk betcha they were hipsters…Pobrecitos..

  4. Also last night (Monday the 12th), around 11pm or so, there were a LOT of gunshots around Capp and 20th. Then tons of cop cars, streets cordoned off, heavy police presence, etc. etc.. Any info on that?

    1. In response to the question about what happened last night at 20th near Mission and Capp street….

      It happened around close to midnight, gang-related. Gun casings were found outside of Brunos and a gun was found in the parking lot along Capp. No further information. They may have arrested a suspect but don’t quote me on that