Mission police have confirmed the arrest of 23-year-old Jose Olmedo in connection with five robberies at gunpoint that took place early Saturday morning.

According to police, Olmedo approached four victims as they stood outside a business on Harrison and 19th streets on Nov. 3. He threatened them with his gun, then took their phones and wallets. One of the victims alerted an employee at a local business and filed a report. Olmedo accosted a fifth victim who did not have a wallet with him, police said.

When Mission police officers, responding to reports of robberies near 19th and Folsom streets, arrived at the scene, several people standing nearby pointed them toward Treat Avenue.

Officers found Olmedo attempting to hide behind parked cars on Mistral Street. They recovered an Intratec .22 caliber handgun, which was later determined to be unloaded. Olmedo was taken into custody at approximately 1:15 a.m.