It’s 7:10 a.m. and 59º. It will be a sunny and warm Sunday, with temperatures going up to 77º.

Check your clocks: at 2 this morning we switched back to standard time, which means you get an extra hour this Sunday. What are you doing with yours?

Eskender Aseged, one of the city’s first roving chefs, got his start right here in the Mission. Aseged opened the brick-and-mortar version of Radio Africa & Kitchen a few months back, and the Examiner’s Jesse Hirsch recently paid the restaurant a visit. Hirsch wrote a glowing review of Aseged’s cuisine:

Aseged is a whimsy-prone, free-form chef and this was a typical Radio Africa conceit. He toys with tradition, makes ample use of flavoring exotica (i.e., dried limes, new crop prunes), and manages to infuse every dish with his enthusiasm.

Slow-cooked barramundi bore a nutty sprinkle of pistachios and notes of sweet, roasted Roma tomatoes.

Chicken and basa jambalaya (Aseged chuckles that he’s never had real jambalaya, but thought it would be a neighborhood crowd-pleaser) skipped the sausage and Cajun flavors, subbing in okra, kale and fragrant, cardamom-spiced basmati rice.

The meat in the oxtail tagine was redolent of cinnamon and citrus, smartly plated with couscous, Swiss chard and winy, aromatic dried prunes. I cleaned my plate of every sweet and savory morsel.