Scooter and Car Collide on 16th Street

Image shows a collision between a lexus and a sooter.Onlookers tended to the driver of the scooter after he and the Lexus collided.

A middle-aged man was taken to the hospital today after a black Lexus sedan collided with his scooter on 16th Street near Capp.

The accident happened at approximately 4:10 p.m when, according to a responding police officer, the driver of the Lexus made an illegal U-turn on 16th Street. After the accident, the scooter driver lay in the street bleeding from his head. A crowd of onlookers surrounded him while several people called for an ambulance.

The scooter driver was conscious after the accident, but it was unclear how badly he was injured. The driver of the Lexus appeared unharmed. Paramedics arrived a few minutes after the accident and moved the scooter driver onto a backboard and then into an ambulance.

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