7×7 takes on one of the big questions concerning life in San Francisco: Why is it so hard to find a solid date for Friday night in this city?

Scoring a date may be as difficult as trying to find a one-bedroom living situation without 2+ roommates, wherein one of those roommates rents out the bathroom and her boyfriend always sleeps over and, oh yeah, the door to your room is actually a curtain.

One of the magazine’s suggestions? Take a break from the Mission and get out of the city to find the person of your dreams.

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  1. I started doing “Grouper” which sets up you and two friends, with a opposite gender group of three friends. I’ve been on one, and it was super fun. It’s like a group blind date. Even if it sucks, you have two friends, and you’re at a bar.
    You don’t need to use my invite link, but why not.

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