Residents React to Bus Route Change

The 14-Mission, 14L-Mission and 49-Mission/Van Ness Muni buses resume their normal route along Mission Street after being rerouted to South Van Ness Avenue for 6-months.

Yesterday, the 14-Mission, 14L-Mission and 49-Mission/Van Ness Muni buses resumed their traditional route along Mission Street after being rerouted to South Van Ness Avenue for the past six months.

The reactions to the return varied: Some commuters expressed relief, while others preferred the temporary reroute as a faster alternative to congested Mission Street.

Mission resident Javier Pizana uses the 14-Mission daily to get to Market Street, where he works as a cook. “I actually went to the stop on Van Ness first and then I realized that no one was there. Then I saw the sign that said the 14 is back on Mission,” said Pizana. “I prefer the route on Van Ness, though; we were flying by on the old route. Mission Street is way too busy.”

SoMa resident Kelly Hain, 33, echoed Pizana’s preference for the temporary route. “I have a lot of friends here in the Mission, so I tend to use the 14 a lot. I feel like I used to get here quicker than I did today,” said Hain as she got off at the Mission and 24th Street stop.

“I really don’t care which street the bus goes on,” said Cody Shadrick as he waited for a southbound bus. “I don’t care as long as the buses are frequent and clean. But the street here looks nice,” said Shadrick, pointing to a freshly paved Mission Street.

Selena Torres, 37, has bartended in the Mission for three years and has taken the 14-Mission bus primarily in the evenings. “The day is finally here that I can get on the bus right from BART,” said Torres. “I don’t think the route on South Van Ness is really faster, especially if you consider the few minutes it takes to walk there.”

Torres’ also had concerns about the Van Ness route’s safety. “Some parts of Van Ness can be dark and a lot of the times there aren’t a lot of people on the street, which makes it dangerous. Mission Street is always busy, so it feels a lot safer, especially for women.”

The bus route was shifted in March of this year when workers from the Department of Public Works began renovating Mission Street, repaving it between 16th Street and Cesar Chavez and repairing below-street infrastructure.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency wants to hear from customers about their experiences with the South Van Ness Avenue route, to assess if any improvements can be made along Mission Street. Take the survey here.

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  1. Kevin

    The buses will go faster on Mission if you eliminate some stops and change the light timing for a faster route. The street is commercial and it would be safer than having them zoom down a street like South Van Ness which contrary to popular belief is a residential as Folsom St.

    In fact try slowing the lights on South Van Ness and stop the freeway nightmare the city has allowed the street to become.

    By the way why are so many MUNI buses still zooming g down South Van Ness at all hours of the day and night if the buses truly were returned to Mission St? I smell a rat.

    • Kevin

      This reeks of a broken promise. SfMTA said that the reroute was temporary and now it looks like they are trying to put even more buses on South Van Ness. They belong on Mission. I am tired of the noise and unsafe driving. I saw the video of the woman who was run over and really don’t want a repeat performance. Who really things that fifteen ton buses should be barreling through a neighborhood? It is a recipe for disaster.

  2. Camerom

    Can you please paint the red zones gray on South Van and remove the benches so that people stop sleeping on them?

    The red zones take up at least ten spots per block and should be converted back.

  3. Dave

    The buses belong on Mission street. They were taken off of Valencia st first andvit sounds like plans are bring made to do the same for Mission St. Keep them where they belong and stop the disruption of South Van Ness. This street has enough problems with speeding traffic, 24 hour laundry, prostitutes, accidents etc without having to deal with MUNI as well.

  4. Wilson

    The buses were actually reverted back to Mission. The residents are truly those who reside on South Van Ness and not riders of the buses.

    The residents for the most part don’t want the buses on South Van Ness St. The residents dealt with the reroute for six months and it was he’ll. The residents were promised by the head of SFMTA that the reroute was to be temporary . The residents will Sunshine Act records in the event that the promises are broken to see what is really going on. The resis

  5. Kim

    I agree, there are still MUNI buses using South Van Ness day and night

    Did the drivers not het the memo?

  6. michael

    you guys are crazy at best and stupid at worst. Those buses can and will always use South Van Ness to go to and from the garage.

  7. Megan

    One of the changes they made when they temporarily rerouted the buses to South Van Ness was to remove several (8?) parking spaces on 25th street between South Van Ness and Capp, and repave/reline the street to create a left-hand turn lane for the buses – to make it easier for them to turn onto South Van Ness. I’m glad that the bus routes are back on Mission, and that the temporary benches have been removed. Traffic and trash has subsided. But I’m wondering when SFMTA is going to complete this project by returning the parking spaces on 25th street and removing the left hand turn lane. Mission Loc@l – do you have any details on that?

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