Good Morning Mission!

Spotted on 22nd @ Bartlett.

It’s 7 a.m. and 55 degrees (have the Burners taken the heat to Black Rock Desert?). Expect early-morning patchy fog and afternoon sunshine. For details, click here.

The Chronicle reports that more money does make a difference in education. Test scores improved significantly in nine of the city’s lowest-performing schools — including Mission High School — after each received a $5 million boost in federal funding over three years. The funds have paid for teacher training, counselors, tutoring, nurses, librarians, summer school and more.

California lawmakers approved “sweeping” cuts to public employee pension benefits last night, according to Businessweek. The measure will require new public employees to pay half the cost of their benefits and work longer before they can retire. The move is expected to save taxpayers nearly $60 billion over 30 years.

The long weekend is finally here — enjoy!

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  1. The mural is by Roa who will have a show at 941 Geary Sept 5 – Nov 3, 2012

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