Late-Night Buses From the Mission to the East Bay?

BART is considering adding at least one Mission stop to its late-night weekend bus shuttle pilot program that would transport passengers from San Francisco to the East Bay, BART officials told the Mission Merchants Association last week.

Under the program, buses would mimic BART lines, starting at South Van Ness and Market streets and heading to Pittsburg Bay Point and Fremont until 2 a.m. Currently, the last BART train to the East Bay on the weekend leaves at midnight.

BART can’t run all-night service because it uses downtime for maintenance, and with only one track in each direction, late-night BART service would require new infrastructure, said Robert Mitroff, manager of fleet and capacity planning.

Alameda and Contra Costa counties would cover the bulk ($500,000) of the bus project’s cost, which is $800,000. The rest would come out of BART’s operating budget and fare revenues.

With internationally recognized restaurants and dive bars that can claim Mark Zuckerberg as a patron, the Mission has become a hotspot for nightlife. Some business owners expressed enthusiasm over the proposal at last week’s meeting.

Video courtesy of our sister website, Oakland North.

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  1. randolph mortimer

    oh hell no.

  2. randolph mortimer

    maybe when BART can fulfill its responsibilities to keep its plazas in the Mission safe and sanitary, but why should we let them dump even more problems on our neighborhood like this ???

  3. shemp stielhope

    I was just getting used to the marina people.

  4. david vartanoff

    BART CAN run 24/7. Chicago does so on 2 track sections (they are NOT lanes Mr Mitroff) as does NY.

  5. SafeStreets

    hopefully the bus service will go both ways — if so that would be great so that I can come home after hanging out with east bay friends.

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