Alba Guerra, or Mañanitas (dawn in Spanish), as some of her friends call her, is originally from El Salvador. Although pupusas are a mainstay in her home country, Guerra didn’t learn how to make them until she moved to San Francisco several years ago.

Mission Local got to go inside Guerra’s kitchen at Sunrise Restaurant, 3126 24th St., to see her in action. Although she now spends most of her time running the popular restaurant rather than in the kitchen, she showed us how to make corn-flour pupusas with loroco and cheese, and rice-flour pupusas with beans and cheese.

The restaurant hosts events for a different organization every Thursday and donates 20 percent of its profits.

A Slice of El Salvador on 24th Street from Mission Local on Vimeo.

Claudia Escobar

Claudia is a contributing reporter.

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  1. I go into Sunrise for brunch every month or so, and I always enjoy seeing what art they’ve got hanging up at Sunrise.

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