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The San Francisco Police Department has not received a report about a rape that allegedly occurred on 19th and Capp streets early Monday morning or made contact with the victim as of Thursday evening, an inspector told Mission Local on Thursday.

The investigation is ongoing, said Inspector John Keane who was at Bender’s Bar Thursday afternoon interviewing patrons.

“There is not much we can do without the victim’s cooperation,” Keane said explaining that no report had been filed. “I encourage her to come forward.”

Police department statistics show that 127 rapes were reported citywide in San Francisco in 2011 compared to 140 in 2010, but more than 60 percent of rapes go unreported, according to the FBI.

Mission Local made contact with the victim on Wednesday through a friend. The victim, who wished to remain anonymous, explained that she wanted to share what happened to warn others. She said that she was attacked by two men after leaving Bender’s Bar shortly before 2 a.m. on Monday morning. During the 10-minute interview, the victim sounded uncomfortable and upset when reliving the incident.

The two assailants allegedly attacked her from behind while she was standing at the corner of 19th and Capp streets. They then allegedly dragged her to a nearby driveway on Capp Street and sexually assaulted her, she said.

The victim also told Mission Local that she was taken to San Francisco General Hospital shortly after the attack. However, according to Keane, the hospital didn’t know about the incident as of Thursday.

The victim did not respond to Mission Local’s phone calls seeking comment today.

A Facebook message posted by Tuula Ala, a friend of the victim, started circulating on social media sites, Reddit and other blogs on Wednesday afternoon.

“Okay people. I need your help […] One of my friends was VIOLENTLY ASSAULTED and RAPED by two men she did not know Sunday night at 19th and Capp. You wanna get graphic? I’m talking stitches in the cervix. With her permission, I’ve written to the two local mission blogs, asking them to publish this incident. Nothing. Police help? NOTHING.”

The message then mentioned that a friend saw two men fitting the description of the attackers. “One had scratches on his face that correspond with the attack. Two Hispanic men, between 20-25. One stocky, one lean, one with obvious scratches on his face,” Ala wrote.

When the SF Appeal made contact with Ala, through an intermediary, she said the victim “has agreed to talk to people,” and passed on a phone number. But when an SF Appeal reporter called the victim, she said she was done talking about the attack and urged the reporter to lose her number.

Keane took the opportunity to warn neighbors about the importance of walking home with other people and being aware of your surroundings at night.

If you have any information regarding this case, please call San Francisco Police Inspector John Keane at 415-553-9225 or the anonymous tip line at 415-552-4558.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that Ala had said that the victim “has agreed to talk to police.” According to the SF Appeal, Ala said that the victim “has agreed to talk to people.”