Today the crew of Home and Garden TV show “Curb Appeal” broke ground on a two-week, $20,000 project on a single-story family home at 2100 Bryant St.

The project will focus on the exterior facade. The crew is jazzed to work in San Francisco, where they seldom find projects, said project manager Kimberly Lacy.

When designer and architect John Gidding recently drove by the house, which was built in 1946, he immediately spotted qualities that set it apart.

“This house is an International Style house,” said Gidding, who called the horizontal wrap-around windows characteristic. “That’s very rare for the Bay Area,” or even the West Coast, he said.

It’s also modern. “Most of the homes [we work on] aren’t modern, and the rest don’t need our help.”

2100 Bryant Street as seen on Google Maps.

Today was demolition day. “We basically get a clean slate,” said Lacy. “We pulled out bushes, the fence, tore out concrete.”

The most dramatic addition will be a new door, 3.5 feet taller than the current one and flush with the windows, said contractor Bill Beckwith. The crew will also extend the “eyebrow” above the window around the corner.

The crew plans to celebrate the finished job with a block party on June 20. Said Lacy: “It’s a great chance for the community to get together, and the homeowner’s opportunity to show off a little. Usually, when you’re the eyesore of the block, you don’t tend to know your neighbors.”

The episode featuring 2100 Bryant St. will probably air six months after the project is done, said Beckwith.