Mission Cycling Club Says Cyclist in Fatal Pedestrian Accident Was Not a Member

Members of the Mission Cycling Club are distancing themselves from a man who allegedly ran a red light last week and struck a 71-year-old pedestrian who died Monday in the hospital.

A man identified as Chris Bucchere wrote in detail about the March 29 incident on the Mission Club’s open Google groups.

“The light turned yellow as I was approaching the intersection [Castro and Market streets], but I was already way too committed to stop … Apparently I hit a 71-year-old male pedestrian and he ended up in the ICU with pretty serious head injuries. I really hope he ends up OK.”

Bucchere then dedicated the story to his “late helmet.”

The District Attorney is mulling whether to file charges against Bucchere, according to several news reports.

At the time of the incident, Bucchere was returning from the club’s twice-a-week ride. The 135-member club organizes the rides, but anyone is welcome to join.

“He is not a member. He might have posted something to a public Google group that is out there,” said club founder Kevin LaKritz, adding that more than a thousand people have access to the forum.

LaKritz said he has met Bucchere, but is not friends with him.

“We don’t tolerate unsafe riding,” LaKritz said, adding that one of the club’s goals is to change the public’s perception of cyclists.

“Our thoughts go out to everyone who is involved.”

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  1. Girl on the Hill

    mulling whether to file charges? umm, would they be mulling if Bucchere were driving a car? a bike is a vehicle and should be treated as such.

  2. Katie_SF

    I see more and more guys like this now. Golden Boys, high achievers, but with stunning lack of empathy or regard for others. Their attitude is glib, dismissive of everything and everyone if it doesn’t serve their immediate needs and desires. I see from his profile he’s a tech COE Maybe there is a certain amount of sociopathy required to reach that level in tech? I’d love to the the results of a Hare checklist on these guys. http://www.crunchbase.com/person/chris-bucchere-2

  3. Wrath

    It is time to make these arrogant cyclists realize the pain they cause.

    It is time for open season on anyone on two wheels.

    They kill one of us, we kill 10 of them.

    Maybe then they’ll figure out they need to “share the road”.

    • DDD

      Guy should get charged same as a automobile driver would. But all the vitriol that comes out against bicylists is out of proportion to the danger they pose. SF averages about 100 pedestrian deaths a year. How many of those do you think are caused by bicylists?

      Guess you got your wish, wrath

    • j

      You are seriously warped and should seek therapy. Killing ten innocent cyclist is just plain stupid because one guy on a bike was unfit to be on one . I hope you are an eighth grader because you have the mind of one. D-Bag

    • Wrath need a bath


      Wrath is out of it!

      He’s a kook

      kook kook kook


  4. Joan Roos

    Maybe the vitriol comes from the huge number of near misses we experience as cyclists dart in and out unexpectedly and scare us to death. I am most upset by cyclists on the side walk who almost hit me. As a little old lady I know what even a little fall can do to me. I want them to come help me to the bathroom while I slowly recover. It may take months. Who is going to pay?

  5. Q

    Do cyclists need to stop at Stop Signs? I almost hit one of them because they didn’t stop.

    • e

      Yes, they do. Most bikers I know stop at stop signs, or *at least* do that rolling-stop thing (that most cars also do when there’s little traffic)…

      In Davis (small town, no crime – compared to SF & the East Bay at least), bikers routinely get fined $130+ for running stop signs!

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